T-SHIRT IMPACT | Helping Refugees and Families in Lebanon

What does it mean for GOEX to care for kids? Sometimes caring for kids looks like supporting the whole family unit to keep children with their biological parents in a safe and loving home. We want to share with you the stories of three families impacted through your shopping choices.


Because you chose to care for others through your GOEX purchase, three families found safety and stability.


Saana’s* family sought refuge with a church in Lebanon after her husband was kidnapped and killed by ISIS. A partner of The Global Orphan Project, Tyre Church helped her find employment to support her family and ensured that she and her children had a safe place to live. Today, Saana’s family is back on their feet through GOEX customers’ purchases and the support of The Global Orphan Project.





The Amon family has four children under age 4 — including 5-month-old twins. Their father successfully provided a stable income as a carpenter until he recently sustained a work injury and three of his fingers were amputated. No longer able to work at his craft, he lost his job. The family, in a time of crisis, incurred many financial strains, including the costs of his surgery, caring for newborn twins, and normal family expenses like rent and food. During the 4-month healing process, the family reached out to our local church partner for help. Your t-shirt purchases have helped this church support the family during their time of crisis.




Orphaned at a young age after her parents passed away in an accident, Maya was eventually placed in the care of her aunt. Maya became a wife and mother to two children, but her husband was kidnapped and never found. After approaching the United Nations for refugee status, she and her children were moved Syria. The family arrived to a hostile environment and, once again, found themselves in danger. After much effort, Maya and her family were relocated to Lebanon. Upon arrival, they were told of a church that could support them, take them in, and help them begin to heal.


Maya is a fighter, and her family is now moving forward with a safe home and support system. Your GOEX purchases have helped provide a stable place for them to live and school scholarships for the children.






You vote for the change you want to see with each dollar you spend. Thank you for standing for dignity, restoration, and hope through your purchases!




*Names have been changed to protect the identity of these families and children.