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Apparel That Stands for More

We live in a world that idolizes “cheap” and “fast” in clothing. But hidden behind those low price tags, you’ll find a human supply chain.  


Every piece of clothing you own has been touched by the hands of apparel workers. In the age of cheap and fast, often times you’ll find those employees labor in less than ideal conditions, with low pay in order to keep up with supply. 




We’re seeing more and more people take a stand to demand more from companies.  


GOEX is committed to bring dignity to those in the apparel industry. From the threads of our fabric, to the quality of the provision for our staff in Haiti, to the experience each of our customers has with us, we are committed to providing more — a sustainable future for all involved.  



All GOEX apparel is made in our Better Works Certified production facility. Our mission is to provide a secure future to families through the dignity of work. All workers are paid a living wage, allowing them to support their family and educate their children. And 100% of profit is reinvesting to help care for kids around the world.  


We cannot thank you enough for choosing to positively impact the lives of workers and care for kids by choosing GOEX.