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Pay Promptly and Fairly

Fair Trade Apparel — Living Wages

Arguably, one of the biggest challenges with Fair Trade business is convincing the world to accept those few extra dollars on the price tag. We are conditioned to paying undercut prices, and change is hard to accept — especially when that change is not a tangible difference to the consumer but instead, a tangible difference to the producer.


Those few extra dollars empower producers, who commonly get taken advantage of, to set prices within the framework of the true cost of labor, time, materials and sustainable growth. This is the motivation behind the fifth principle that GOEX and other Fair Trade Federation members must follow:




Pay promptly and fairly.


This practice begins by examining international, national, and local minimum standards, and then complying with or exceeding those standards for employees and producers. Once fair wages are established, it’s equally important to ensure prompt, impartial payment. While our shirts sport a slightly higher price tag than the warehouse down the street, we offer that Fair Trade difference.


Fair Trade Apparel — Living Wages




Not just fair wages, but living wages.

We looked at the minimum standards in our producers home nation, and realized it was barely enough to make ends meet. We wondered, “Could we charge a little more to pay a little more?”. Daily wages at Life S.A., our apparel manufacturing facility, are 65% higher than the sector minimum and our employees have the ability to earn 140%+ of minimum based on production. In other words, they get paid a LIVABLE wage. All operators are paid the same rate based on production and time worked regardless of age or sex. We understand the challenges of cash flow in manufacturing and strive to be dependable partners — never wanting our makers to miss a pay day.




Prices that are fair to both you and our producers.

In selecting vendors, we do some competitive shopping to ensure our pricing is fair and will give the best value to our customers, but we do not request extended terms or push for heavy discounts. In addition, GOEX management has spent countless hours with our team in Haiti to help analyze costs, employment and tax law, and production benchmarks. We want our local team to have the best training and skills possible to maximize production and create high quality garments for you.




Fair Trade Apparel — Living Wages

The Story Behind Your Shirt

We don’t exist to make money. We exist because a nonprofit, The Global Orphan Project, had a dream that commerce could make a sustainable difference in a hurting world. They quickly realized that many children living in residential care did not lack family. Rather, their parents lacked opportunity. The answer? Create opportunity.


To make this dream work, we needed a creative team, premium product, and a community of customers ready to use their purchase power to create life-giving alternatives within the apparel industry.

Use Your Purchase Power