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The Right of Every Child


Fair Trade means that all children have the right to security, education and play. What we really mean, is that kids have a right to be kids! Fair Trade Federation members are no exception to this fundamental rule. Members must respect and support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as local laws and social norms. This means: zero tolerance for child trafficking or exploitative child labor.




Defending the child is the core of who we are. It’s the reason we exist.


GOEX is fully owned by The Global Orphan Project, a nonprofit that began investing in the lives of vulnerable children in 2004. As they continued to care for kids around the world, they learned a few things along the way.


The best form of orphan care is orphan prevention, and the best form of orphan prevention is a strong job. They dreamed, “Was it possible to create a sustainable model of ministry in which commerce played the biggest donor?”




It starts with the workers.

If we can give parents the opportunity to care for their own kids, that is our first choice. Many times, family breakdown is a result of the lack of opportunity. Parents want to love and support and provide for their children, but without a job, it’s just not possible. So, let’s create some jobs. Let’s create jobs that pay more. Let’s create jobs that make it possible for parents to put food on the table and love in the home. Let’s create jobs that keep families together.




And ends with the kids.

We are giving it all away. Every penny. 100% of the profit from every sale goes to care for kids through The Global Orphan Project. Their partnerships with local churches empower local leaders to be the hero to their own community. Whether it is family strengthening programs, medical care, access to education or all the little things in between — each vetted need pushes a child’s story forward.


If you print with us, use our garments or just advocate for our story — you have already made a difference. Real stories of real impact on real families!