COVID-19 | A simple way you can join the relief efforts




In response to the nationwide face mask shortage created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we immediately shifted all production at LIFE in Haiti to sew masks. When the factory had to close for the protection of our workers, we quickly altered the pattern for home sewing and connected with networks of home seamstresses. Now we are inviting you to join our relief efforts! Our team designed a DIY template with step by step instructions for anyone at home to participate.




Download our easy to follow pattern




Gather your family, pick out your favorite fabric and sew! Don’t have fabric? Ask us and we will send you some.




Due to tight regulations in the healthcare industry, we will be donating all masks to our network of senior living facilities, one of the most vulnerable populations. We can provide you contacts to deliver yourself, or you can mail your finished masks to us and we will make the deliveries.


Mail to:
GOEX Print and Apparel
3161 Wyandotte Street
Kansas City, MO 64111



If you have any questions as you get started about the pattern, fabric or delivery instructions, email us and we would be happy to help! Thank you for linking arms with us from afar — we are all in this together.





[The team at LIFE in Haiti sewing masks before production was stopped.)



Shimmer, Metallic, Glitter: Ink That Stands Out!

We’re seeing so many graphics that shine in the market right now which means we receive frequent requests for them as well. We wanted to share some tips and useful details on selecting the right look for your graphics!


To get that eye-catching look, you have a couple of options: specialty inks or post press finishes such as foil or heat press. Each provides a unique finish or look.


Here are our specialty ink options:


Crystallina – This a sheer, specialty ink with clear, slightly goldish glitter and can printed over most colors of ink to add some sparkles.



Shimmer – A specialty ink with small bits of glitter throughout giving a consistent sparkly look and feel. We stock Shimmer inks in silver or gold.



Metallic – Looking for an edge, but no sparkle? Metallic ink is the way to go. A consistent look with a nice sheen but without the sparkle. We think this would be the perfect finish for superhero or space inspired tees!



Glitter – Less sheer than Crystallina but still best printed over a base color (often gold), this specialty ink has larger flecks of glitter than Shimmer for more sparkle, but less consistent coverage.




Here are some post press options:


  1. Foil – When we say foil we really mean foil! Best for a one-color, all foil graphic.  An adhesive is “printed” on the garment in the shape of the final graphic. A piece of foil is then laid over the adhesive and cured with the heat press. Then the foil is pulled off revealing the finished, super shiny graphic.
  2. Heat Press – Plastisol inks naturally have a matte finish after curing in the dryer. If we apply heat to the graphic afterwards, the ink will change to a glossy finish. This is best for a large, simple graphic and looks really cool on tonal prints.


Keep in mind that any of these processes or inks have an upcharge over a standard print color or location. Each also has specific art guidelines for best results. Ask your sales rep for details!