A Quick Update | Navigating Coronavirus in Haiti


A quick update from Ariane, General Manager at LIFE, will fill you in on what’s been happening since opening our doors back up in Haiti:


Greetings from Haiti! It’s been just about one month since we re-opened our doors here at Life. Since then, we have successfully been able to transition back into our work flow while maintaining a clean and organized environment. Our daily routines have been adjusted to make sure we are doing everything in our power to keep each other safe, which is our number one priority amidst COVID-19. My hope is that the safety precautions our team takes while at work they are able to bring home with them.


Haiti is still under a “state of health emergency,” but there is talk of the airport reopening within the next month to come. We are currently at 4,500 confirmed cases that increase at a rate of approximately 150 per day. There has been a gradual resumption of activity country wide. Most if not all businesses have re-opened under limited hours and continual sanitation requirements before entering. As for the apparel sector, the Haitian government has mandated a 30% cap of the workforce at all times until stated otherwise. For the past month we have rotated our employees in and out giving everyone a chance to earn. It is not an ideal situation by any means, but I am grateful that our team is able to be flexible and understanding.