5 Easy, Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes You Can Make Out of a T-Shirt


Americans spend billions of dollars on Halloween goods each year, contributing billions of pounds of textile waste. Instead of adding to it, keep this Halloween season as eco-friendly as possible by making a costume that won’t crush your bank account — or the planet. Check out these 5 fun and easy costume ideas below with a fair trade t-shirt and a few extra supplies! 


  1. Fruit
    You can never go wrong with food! All you’ll need for this costume is a colorful tee and felt to cut out the little details of your fruit of choice — seeds, stems, leaves, etc. Safety pin the details to your tee and wear with black pants and shoes. We have many different colored tees to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match your favorite fruit!

    (Image credit: Brittany Sanderson)

  2. Ghost
    This costume couldn’t be easier. Grab a white t-shirt and add a face with felt. We recommend checking out one of our vintage white tees for this look! This costume would be paired perfectly with white socks.

    (Image credit: Rock My Family)

  3. Jack-O’-Lantern 
    With an orange t-shirt and matching stocking cap, you can create a quick and easy pumpkin-inspired costume — no carving required! All you need to do is cut jack-o’-lantern facial features out of black duct tape and place them on the tee. Simply remove the duct tape when you’re done and you’re ready to rock your favorite orange tee again! Check out our orange colored tees to accomplish this look.

    (Image credit: Summer Lower)

  4. Black Cat
    For the classic black cat costume, you can wear your go-to black tee! There is no need for ear headbands (unless you already own them) the face makeup is enough, and if your hair is long you can do your hair in buns to look like ears. Our charcoal tees would be purrfect for this costume.

    (Image credit: 5 Minutes For Mom)

  5. Cotton Candy
    Have a sweet tooth and love puns? Safety pin cotton balls and candy to a plain candy-colored t-shirt to create cotton candy. Our berry or purple tees would complete this delicious costume!

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

Let your imagination go and see what you can do with just a shirt this Halloween! The best thing is when you make a costume out of a GOEX tee, you can feel good and do good all year-round. Not just for one holiday!


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A better shirt for a better world. | Fair Trade Month


October is Fair Trade Month which means it’s time to take a moment to think about what we’re buying, where it comes from and how it can affect the world around us. Read on to learn how when you purchase a GOEX tee, you are choosing a better shirt for a better world. 


Over two billion t-shirts are sold around the world each year. Whether it be for a sporting team, event or just for fun, we buy new t-shirts all the time, often without considering how they’re affecting the environment. After water usage, pesticide treatments and thousands of miles of travel, the apparel industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters.


This is exactly the problem that companies like GOEX seek to solve. We are proud to be an ethical company and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. In addition to creating fair wage jobs, providing safe working conditions and helping to break the orphan cycle, our clothing has many environmental benefits as well.


Saves Sea Life


In the production of typical apparel, many fabrics will be transported thousands of miles by ship, leaving oil residue in the ocean.This toxic oil kills sea life and leaves many entire habitats ruined. Because our fabrics are sourced right here in the US, shipped only 1,200 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts and shipped back to the U.S. for sale, we greatly reduce the amount of pollution in our production process.


Made from Recycled Material   


Not only are our fabrics made from U.S. grown cotton, but our triblends also contain recycled polyester. Each eco-triblend tee contains the equivalent of five recycled water bottles. Tags, buttons, zippers and drawcords are all made from recycled plastics as well.  Every time you wear one of our t-shirts,  you can feel good about it!


Reduces Future Waste 


With the growing trend of fast fashion, clothing is cheaply made and quickly ripped or thrown away. In fact, over fifteen million tons of used textiles are thrown away each year. GOEX shirts, however, are made from better high-quality fabrics, making them last much longer. Plus, because they’re t-shirts, they never go out of style! By producing well-made, long-lasting clothing, we seek to minimize apparel waste.


Each of these things are important to GOEX and part of the reason we choose to make our clothing ethically. Each of our two billion annual t-shirt purchases have an effect on the environment and people around the world, so let’s make it a positive one!


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