Full-time & Part-time Positions

GOEX Customer Support and Shipping Specialist

As the last team member to touch any GOEX order, this position prioritizes the client experience double checking for accuracy and making sure we exceed customer expectations every time.

Email resumes to: resume@goex.org.


GOEX Field Sales Representative

Sales Representative reports to the field sales manager. Their primary responsibility is generating outside sales of GOEX Apparel. This is a 1099 independent sales representative role ideal for someone who is passionate about our mission, driven to grow the mission through sales and on boarding of new customers, and desiring to supplement income through this work. This is not an ideal role for someone looking for this to be his/her primary income source.

Email resumes to: resume@goex.org.


The Full Employment Council Internship

GOEX operates a training and workforce development program in partnership with The Full Employment Council. The majority of our training takes place through the Summer Job League Program. Through this partnership, we are able to offer young adults in Kansas City the opportunity to learn about screen printing, fulfillment services, packaging and shipping. When we have positions available, participants who have completed this program have the first chance to apply. GOEX management also assists participants by offering connections to other employment and providing referrals or references.

To apply, register at jobs.mo.gov and then visit feckc.org.