T-SHIRT IMPACT | Food for Kids

T-SHIRT IMPACT | Food for Kids

November 8, 2017


44 children in Gulu, Uganda experienced the impact of the GOEX customer community’s purchases this year. All the profit — every bit of it — from GOEX apparel goes directly to care for children around the world. This project funded their basic life care — including food, shelter, medical care, education and 24-hour care for three months.


Gulu is located in northern Uganda, an area ravaged by HIV/AIDS and 20-plus year civil war that saw a multitude of people killed, children forced into a rebel army (Lord’s Resistance Army), and families ripped apart. To say there’s a need for orphan care in northern Uganda would be a dramatic understatement. Local partners of The Global Orphan Project (GO) opened The Father’s House, a children’s community in Gulu, in 2012.





The children at The Father’s House live in small groups with “house mamas” who provide 24-hour, family-style care. They eat together, play together and learn together.


Thank you, GOEX community, for caring for kids around the world through the power of your purchase.



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