A better t-shirt starts with better raw materials. Our tri-blend shirts are made from US-grown cotton, recycled polyester, and rayon

Every tri-blend shirt contains the equivalent of approximately 6 plastic water bottles!


Mega-factory shirts will typically travel 16,000 miles in their production journey —  leaving toxic oil residue in the ocean.

Our cotton is sourced right here in the US, shipped only 500 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts, and shipped back to the US for sale.


In 1986, California passed Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.This law was set to promote clean drinking water and inform the public about the presence of toxic substances. Our fabric dyes are Proposition 65 compliant.


Standard sizing that fit actual people

  Unisex Ladies Youth
XS 30"-33" 0-2 4-5
S 35"-36" 4-6 6-7
M 37"-40" 6-8 8-10
L 40"-43" 10-12 12-14
XL 44"-46" 12-14 N/A
XXL 47"-48" 14-16 N/A
XXXL 49"-50" N/A N/A

Living Wages

GOEX partners with LIFE, a Haitian-owned manufacturing facility near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A life-giving alternative within the apparel industry, LIFE treats their skilled employees with respect and pays a fair wage that reinstates pride, dignity, and stability within their families.