Haiti to Paris and Back Again

Haiti to Paris and Back Again

November 8, 2017


Meet Melissa Coles. Coles is the Director of Product Development at GOEX’s production facility in Haiti — LIFE S.A.


After growing up in Haiti, Coles studied fashion as an undergraduate student in the U.S., before going on to obtain her masters in Paris.


“I studied fashion design and specialized in high fashion in France,” Coles said. “I was lucky enough to get an amazing internship with Chanel and work with a ton of amazing women.”


Her heart brought her home

Coles completed her studies and internship, and her heart brought her home to Haiti. Her aunt, Paula Coles, is also a designer and deeply invested in Haiti through fashion and innovation.


“I came back to Haiti to be close to my family, and I originally wanted to start my own business,” Coles said. “But I came to visit LIFE, did a tour, and thought it was amazing. I’ve never seen a place like this.”

Shortly after, Melissa decided to join us. GOEX and LIFE S.A. are committed to Haitian leadership. The team recognized the powerful combination of Coles’ talent, expertise, and desire to invest in her country.



“It is so organized at LIFE. You just don’t often see that here in Haiti. And people are happy!” Coles said. “And the story is powerful. If there was anyone I would want to work for in Haiti, it would definitely be an ethical company like this one.”


Coles works with our team at LIFE to produce apparel that looks as good as it feels. We are honored you are on the team, Melissa.