T-SHIRT IMPACT | Caring for Kalkedon

T-SHIRT IMPACT | Caring for Kalkedon

November 8, 2017


Meet Kalkedon. Every time you shop GOEX, all the profit goes to fund projects set in motion to help children like her. By collectively purchasing 4,800 tees, the GOEX customer community is partnering with The Global Orphan Project to provide Kalkedon and 35 other children full-time care for one year, including their daily food, shelter, medical care, and education costs.


Kalkedon was born in rural Ethiopia. When her mother and father died, her elderly grandmother cared for her as long as she could. As her grandmother’s health began to fail, Kalkedon was discovered and taken into care by a church partnering with The Global Orphan Project in Hossana, Ethiopia.


As the church cared for Kalkedon, a constant “cold” soon led to the discovery the young girl was HIV positive and weakening.


The news about this child stirred deep fear in the community. Due to a lack of education and training, a serious HIV/AIDS stigma remains in this area of Ethiopia. During a visit from The Global Orphan Project team, the pastor of the church expressed fear and pressure from the town to send her back to the countryside. But his compassion overwhelmed his fears. The pastor and his church vowed to take a stand for Kalkedon, no matter the cost.


Kalkedon stayed and continues to receive the care she needs. She is completely healthy today — strong, loving and going to school. She is part of the family.



A t-shirt never felt so good.


Thank you for investing in kids like Kalkedon by choosing GOEX.


Starting with premium U.S.A. fabric, we produce premium apparel that feels as good as it looks. From the apparel production center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to our screenprinting facility in Kansas City, MO, GOEX employees receive a living wage in life-honoring conditions rooted in our belief in the transformational value of work and opportunities that foster dignity and hope. And all our profit — every bit of it — goes directly to fund projects for vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world.



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GOEX is an initiative of The Global Orphan Project, a global community caring for local children and families in crisis.