Graphic tees you can feel good about wearing!

These tees are made from U.S. cotton, cut and sewn in Haiti and designed and printed in Kansas City. Oh and did we mention, all of our workers are paid a fair-wage! Basically, this means they’re the best, comfiest tees on the market made at the highest standard!

  • Ladies Australian Bushfires Relief Tee




  • Youth Australian Bushfires Relief Tee

    Ongoing news of the bushfires in Australia coupled with our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices has us wanting to do more for this crisis.


  • Unisex Australian Bushfires Relief Tee



  • Fair Trade Icons Tee

    Wear your values on your shirt! This unisex tee celebrates the values of Fair Trade organizations around the world – compassion and respect for people, fair wages for all, and acknowledgement that many people’s hands touch everything we buy. You’ll love wearing this tee because it’s super soft triblend AND because you’ll feel great showing the world that you believe in a better way of doing business!

  • Haiti Rooster Tee

    Haiti holds a special place in our hearts as each of our tees is sewn by a team of talented sewists in Port-au-Prince. We’re also proud to partner with Transition Academy, a two-year vocational school for young adults aging out of orphan care. In addition to sewing, students can learn other vocations including poultry farming. When you wear this tee, think about the beauty of Haiti, the hands of those who sewed it and the opportunity something as simple as a chicken can offer a family!

  • Ladies Momma Fox – Navy

    Happy Mother’s Day!  This sweet fox mom & baby are a reminder of how important moms are in the lives of children around the world.  Our primary purpose at GOEX is to provide strong jobs that empower families to care for their children.  We celebrate stories of families every day from our own team and through GO Project and CarePortal.  A great gift for the mom in your life and even better with a matching kids’ tee!

  • Ladies Tree Hugger – Vintage White

    From backyards to our amazing national parks, the outdoors is one of our greatest gifts.  Unfortunately, the impacts of environmental exploitation are both widespread and highly concentrated in minority neighborhoods and third world countries.  As a Fair Trade company, we consider the environmental impact of every decision in order to reduce impact on our communities and on future generations.  Caring for people means caring for their physical space too!  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – those decisions matter!

  • Lebanon Tee

    Located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean basin, Lebanon is known for its diversity in population, climate and geography. From the Mediterranean coastline and the Beqaa Valley to the famous cedar trees and mountain ranges, this beautiful country is known for its hospitality both to tourists and to refugees and asylum seekers. GO Project currently partners with local churches to care for refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. You can sign up to meet CarePortal requests in the Middle East at

  • Let’s Go Outside – Youth Tri-blend

    While a good movie or book can teach much about a place or a people, it just doesn’t compare with actual exploring! Go outside – walk down the street, climb a mountain, sit on a beach, talk to a stranger – it doesn’t matter, just get out there! We believe in authentic connections with nature and with people and those only happen when you experience the world around us.

  • Los Angeles Skyline Tee – Ladies

  • Los Angeles Skyline Tee – Unisex

  • No Space for Waste – Charcoal

    The thought of leaving all of this behind and taking off like the Robinsons may seem appealing but it’s going to be at least a few more decades before it’s a reality.  That’s why Fair Trade companies seek to meet the needs of their businesses without sacrificing the needs of future generations. This requires active consideration of the environmental impact of every decision the company makes and creative business practices that advocate responsible stewardship of resources.  This super soft tee embodies its message with fabric that’s 50% recycled polyester (that’s 5 water bottles in every tee!).