Graphic tees you can feel good about wearing!

These tees are made from U.S. eco-friendly triblend, cut and sewn in Haiti and designed and printed in Kansas City. Oh and did we mention, all of our workers are paid a fair-wage! Basically, this means they’re the best, comfiest tees on the market made at the highest standard!

  • Lebanon Tee

    Located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean basin, Lebanon is known for its diversity in population, climate and geography. From the Mediterranean coastline and the Beqaa Valley to the famous cedar trees and mountain ranges, this beautiful country is known for its hospitality both to tourists and to refugees and asylum seekers. GO Project currently partners with local churches to care for refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. You can sign up to meet CarePortal requests in the Middle East at goproject.org/give/meet-real-time-needs/.