Unisex Graphic Tees

  • Cactus Hugger Tee

    Just because you have more prickly pears than pine trees, doesn’t mean caring for your environment isn’t equally as important! From backyards to our amazing national parks, the outdoors is one of our greatest gifts. Unfortunately, the impacts of environmental exploitation are both widespread and highly concentrated in minority neighborhoods and third world countries. As a Fair Trade company, we consider the environmental impact of every decision in order to reduce impact on our communities and on future generations. Caring for people means caring for their physical space too! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle those decisions matter!

  • Fair Trade Icons Tee

    Wear your values on your shirt! This unisex tee celebrates the values of Fair Trade organizations around the world ? compassion and respect for people, fair wages for all, and acknowledgement that many people?s hands touch everything we buy. You?ll love wearing this tee because it?s super soft triblend AND because you?ll feel great showing the world that you believe in a better way of doing business!

  • Lucky Tee

    Go out and buy a lotto ticket because your new lucky t-shirt is here. Featuring a sleek vintage, plaid font on our Mint premium USA cotton tee the GOEX Lucky tee. A classic cotton tee reimagined with better in mind. This premium, ringspun cotton tee is sure to become a wardrobe staple. The relaxed, breathable fit is designed for comfort and wearability. Features like the double needle topstitch at the collar and dependable hems keep this basic versatile and stylish.


    Our premium cotton tees are engineered with sustainability in mind meaning the high-quality fabric looks great wash after wash. The typical cotton tee travels up to 16,000 miles in their production journey — leaving toxic oil residue in the ocean. Our premium cotton is sourced right here in the U.S. and travels only 1,200 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts by skilled artisans who earn a fair wage. It’s a quality tee that’s better for our planet, better for the maker, and better for you. You can be proud knowing that having a GOEX premium cotton tee in every design makes a great impact.

  • Let’s Go Outside – Unisex

    While a good movie or book can teach much about a place or a people, it just doesn?t compare with actual exploring! Go outside ? walk down the street, climb a mountain, sit on a beach, talk to a stranger ? it doesn?t matter, just get out there! We believe in authentic connections with nature and with people and those only happen when you experience the world around us.

  • Red KC – Unisex

    We’re proud to call Kansas City home here at GOEX and at GO Project and CarePortal. City pride runs deep in KC, as does that friendly, midwestern vibe. Thanks Kansas City for loving on kids and families alongside GO Project for more than a decade, we can’t think of any place we’d rather call home! No tee will make you feel better than this super soft, eco-friendly triblend! The fabric includes five recycled water bottles and is a slightly heavier weight than many triblends on the market, keeping this shirt looking great wash after wash. When you choose a GOEX tee, you get USA fabric, quality construction and you sustain fair wage jobs that uplift families. A better tee for a better world!

  • KC Fountain Tee

    Celebrate Kansas City in this retro-inspired fountain tee. Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains and is said to have more fountains than Rome. There are more than 200 unique fountains in Kansas City, 48 of them publicly owned. The unique water sculptures and statuary date back to the 1800s and celebrate generations of Kansas Citians. This sketch was inspired by vintage travel posters inviting visitors to come to the city. It looks great on this trendy heather grey and royal ringer tee!

  • Lebanon Travel Tee

    At GOEX we want to inspire you to go explore the world, learning from and about people and places that are different from us. The new Lebanon tee is inspired by vintage travel posters and celebrates the work of our parent organization, GO Project, in the Middle East.  GO MENA is investing in the lives of kids and families, many of them Syrian refugees.  And right now, the needs in Lebanon are more critical than ever!  Learn more about the work in Middle East here: https://goproject.org/where-we-serve/


    Through the end of September, all profits from our travel-inspired collection will be donated to the GO Project Food Insecurity campaign

  • Africa Travel Tee

    At GOEX we want to inspire you to go explore the world, learning from and about people and places that are different from us. The new Africa tee is inspired by vintage travel posters and celebrates the work of our parent organization, GO Project, in five African countries. In Uganda, Malawi, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, GO Africa is investing in the lives of kids and families. Learn more about the work in these countries here: https://goproject.org/where-we-serve/

  • India Tee

    At GOEX we want to inspire you to go explore the world, learning from and about new people and places. This tee is second in our series inspired by vintage travel posters. India, another country where GO Project is investing in communities caring for children and families, is known for its vibrant culture, emerging economy, and 1.3 billion people. Learn more about our work in India and opportunities to visit https://goproject.org/go/india/


    Printed on USA made eco-friendly fabric that includes five recycled water bottles, our triblend india Tee stays stylish wash after wash. When you go with GOEX, you’re making an impact on the environment. PLUS you are helping to sustain dignified, fair wage jobs that help families stay together. You’ll feel twice as good about adding this graphic tee to your wardrobe.

  • No Space for Waste – Charcoal

    The thought of leaving all of this behind and taking off like the Robinsons may seem appealing but it?s going to be at least a few more decades before it?s a reality.? That?s why Fair Trade companies seek to meet the needs of their businesses without sacrificing the needs of future generations. This requires active consideration of the environmental impact of every decision the company makes and creative business practices that advocate responsible stewardship of resources.? This super soft tee embodies its message with fabric that?s 50% recycled polyester (that?s 5 water bottles in every tee!).

  • Horizons – Unisex

    Inspirational quotes encouraging us to expand our horizons are endless, so instead of trying to choose which author to credit, we?re just going to say: wear this tee and go explore! Our world is more connected than ever, creating opportunities for all of us to see and experience new places and people.? It?s only when we learn about the world around us that we can find our passions and make a difference for tomorrow!

  • Fair Trade World in Vintage White

    We believe in a better world ? a world that treats all workers with respect and pays them fairly for their work! This super soft triblend tee features a heart shaped globe and a subtle Fair Trade statement ? it?s sure to create conversation whenever you wear it!