Workers Receive Free Eye Exams and Glasses

GOEX’s first priority is our workers — they are the reason we exist. That’s why it’s so important to us to not only maintain a safe working environment, but to ensure their overall health is held to a high standard.


Last month, we provided clinical eye exams to more than 100 employees at LIFE S.A., our  boutique apparel factory, in Tabarre, Haiti.


Eye exams and reading glasses were offered to all employees, with special attention to those affected by presbyopia, which is caused by normal loss in vision with age. A four-person team comprised of local optometrists came onsite prepared and equipped to perform the clinical exams.


In total, about 70 reading glasses were distributed and over a dozen other employees were referred to a nearby clinic for further care. We are so thankful for the opportunity to provide eye exams and glasses for our workers who we truly care about.

Travel with us to Haiti

See for yourself.

You play a big role in keeping us accountable — so come visit our facilities first hand! We know Haiti isn’t a “drop everything and head down next weekend” kind of destination for everyone, so start planning now. Check out our trips calendar, find a week that works for you, and then say “yes!”. Travel with us to meet the makers of your tees and see their facility conditions in person. We promise to let you have the aisle seat on the plane.