T-SHIRT IMPACT | Caring for Kids in Northern Uganda


“Where will I buy my t-shirts?”  It can seem like a simple, possibly inconsequential decision. But what if you knew hundreds of children and families could be affected by that seemingly small decision?


Every time you shop GOEX, you choose life. You choose dignified work in a clean, bright manufacturing facility for employees in a nation where more than two-thirds of the population do not have formal jobs. And you choose to care for kids.


All the profit from your GOEX purchases go directly to fund projects around the world.


A small group of customers chose GOEX for their better basics and custom apparel. Through that simple decision to purchase something they already needed for their event or business, they funded the life care costs for sixteen children in Ajulu, Uganda for three months. This includes food, water, clothing, shelter, education and 24-hour care, all provided by local partners of The Global Orphan Project.


a community standing for their kids


Ajulu, apart from existing as a transfer center of Arab slavery in the 17-18th century, wears the fresh scars of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s 20+ years of atrocities. During these times, Ajulu not only suffered, but also hosted dozens of displaced communities. Ajulu was one of the biggest Internal Displaced People camps (IDP’s) in Northern Uganda.


As a result, the Ajulu community faces a high level of illiteracy and school dropouts, children looking after children, a high prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS (which has led to many children living alone to look after their siblings), domestic violence and divorce.


However, a local church in Ajulu is trying to restore hope in their community. They launched the local primary school, dug a well to provide safe water to the community, and took action to care for vulnerable and abandoned children in their community. Partnering with The Global Orphan Project, they renovated buildings and began to produce food through sustainable agriculture in order to provide stable, loving care for children in need.


Thank you for investing in the future of these kids and their community.