Thanks for growing with us

Thanks for growing with us

July 21, 2020


Our core story remains.

We started GOEX to create and sustain fair wage jobs that empower employees to care for their families. Over the past decade, our core story has remained the same.



2020 and beyond.

After ten years of exciting growth, our mission matters more than ever, and we want to make sure that mission is at the front of everything we do. GOEX isn’t just about apparel – it’s about what we stand for and what we do for a better world.


We took all the things you love about GOEX and are making them a little clearer and a little more fun!



A better message.

Because we hope you’ll live as much of life as possible in our feel-good garments, we continue to expand our collection with new styles, graphics and colors to keep you comfy, trendy and put together. We don’t believe we have to sacrifice anything in order to care for the hands making our products.


Our company is about choosing better – better pay for employees, better fabrics made here in the U.S., better quality in our finishes and better for the planet with recycled content. This is a better shirt for a better world and if that doesn’t make you feel good, we’re not sure what will.


And ultimately, our purpose at GOEX is to connect you, the consumer, with our teams in Haiti and Kansas City. It’s your purchases that sustain fair wage jobs empowering workers in their families and communities. The end product is a shirt that feels good and does good.


Thank you for your continued support and for growing alongside us! The best is yet to come.



— Jessica Ray, Executive Director of Marketplace