Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your T-shirt Color

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your T-shirt Color

September 25, 2019


There can be several factors that go into selecting your t-shirt color and it can be a fun but overwhelming process. The good news is that our expertise can help you navigate the color wheel and create a unique design that will make your t-shirt stand out among the rest.


  1. Consider your audience:

One of the most important things to consider is who will be wearing these t-shirts, why & where. For outdoor events in the heat, we suggest not going with a dark color. If your event is in the summer months, we suggest going with a brighter pop of color for fun and to keep the wearer nice and cool. The season also helps determine whether you choose short sleeves, long sleeves or even fleece. For a company event, we suggest sticking to a neutral color or a color on brand with your company. The makeup of the group can also help determine if you want to purchase unisex or ladies fit t-shirts. 



  1. Consider the design/artwork:

There are so many t-shirt and ink color options to choose from. It’s important to consider how many colors are in your design and if they will be dark or light colors. This also helps determine whether you want the design to be bold and pop, or to be more faded and tonal. If you want a tonal design, we suggest choosing a color that is in the same color family, just a different shade.

If you want the design to pop, consider choosing a color that is either much darker or lighter than you design or on the opposite end of the spectrum.


If you are wanting something colorful, go for it! We can work with you to make sure the colors will still show up the way you want. Keep in mind, there is also the risk of your design looking like a negative photo, so if you want a silhouette or outlines of an image, choose dark ink instead of white so that your image does not look distorted. 


  1. Consider price point and inventory:

Lastly, and most importantly, consider the price point you are looking for in order to decide which material of shirt you should order. Consider a triblend or fleece option for something that will be longer lasting and can stand up to everyday wear. If you are looking to order many shirts at the lowest price point possible,  consider a cotton t-shirt with a one-color design on only one location. No matter what option you choose, we will print your t-shirt at the highest standard, and it will be the best t-shirt for you and those who made it. 

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize what you design will look like on the shirt, that is why here at GOEX we provide a digital example before printing. This will help you visualize and determine how your art actually looks on the shirt. Let’s get designing!


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