Our Year Two Update

Our Year Two Update

November 8, 2017


Thank you for dreaming with us.


Two years ago, Joe Knittig — CEO of GOEX and The Global Orphan Project — stood on the floor of an empty production floor to announce a new initiative. Since that time, the GOEX customer community has helped that dream grow into an apparel enterprise employing 112 individuals (and counting) with living wage jobs that help keep families together.


Please take two minutes to watch this Year Two Update on GOEX — the brand that cares for kids!


Your Next Custom T-Shirt Order


Need tees for your church, business or event? With every GOEX t-shirt you purchase, all the profit goes directly to care for children in the care of our local church partners. Shop tees.


More about GOEX


GOEX is the brand that cares for kids. Fully owned by The Global Orphan Project, GOEX sews your custom t-shirts in an apparel production center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and screenprints your design in the urban core of Kansas City. With every GOEX product you purchase, one dollar—”a buck a tee”—goes directly to care for kids in the U.S. and around the world. The rest? Just GOEX’s costs to provide premium U.S.A. fabric and living wage jobs that help keep families together.


Curious about that first announcement Joe referenced in the video above? Watch below to hear Joe announce the opening of the new production facility, LIFE S.A.., back in March 2015.