Customer Spotlight: Avanti Coffee

Customer Spotlight: Avanti Coffee

Tell Us About Your Organization:

Avanti Coffee Company was established to revitalize the land and economies of humble mountain villages after a hurricane destroyed generational farms leaving the villagers without their livelihoods. Our direct trade model allows your coffee to have greater purpose. Our coffee is grown on some of Haiti's highest mountains. We love showcasing some of the beauty and high quality coffee Haiti has to offer.


Why Were You Shopping for Tees:
To promote our brand and create more jobs in Haiti


Why did you purchase from GOEX Apparel over other brands or printers?
Ethically made in Haiti


Frentz and Mallery Neptune are the founders of Haiti Foundation Against PovertyGift of Hope Haiti, and now Avanti Coffee Company.  They are both lovers of coffee and passionate about their faith in Jesus and call to protect vulnerable people.  Frentz comes from a long line of generational Haitian coffee farmers.  Avanti has allowed him to dig into his roots and offer economic stability for his people.