Eco Cotton Blends

Be Kind to the Planet

Those looking for the most eco friendly shirts will love our Eco Cotton collection which has 3 separate blends of Upcycled Cotton.  These innovative, upcycled cotton yarns are made in Spain using waste from cut and sew operations in the eastern mediterranean.  All knit and finished in the USA, these fabrics have an earthy handfeel and visual appearance.  

Ivory Cotton

Our ivory cotton is an organic cotton blend fabric - it is 50% upcycled cotton and 50% organic cotton. The upcycled cotton provides some texture and then we knit the yarn to 5oz giving these garments a great work wear feel. This fabric offers both vintage and modern vibes and looks great with a wide variety of graphics. Available in unisex or youth tees and a unisex henley.

Black Eco Cotton

Our black eco cotton blend yarn is 50% upcycled cotton, 47% recycled polyester and 3% other fibers (resulting from upcycling). Also knit to 5oz to hold up in any condition and then coupled with the performance benefits of polyester, this tee is a workhorse! Available in unisex or youth tees and a unisex henley.

Funfetti Cotton

This speckled blend is 48% upcycled cotton, 46% recycled polyester and 6% viscose (a semi-synthetic fiber that is made from the wood pulp of fast growing trees). This drool worth fabric is light ivory knit with a rainbow of colored specks, mimicking our favorite cake. (Seriously, if you haven’t had a funfetti birthday cake from The Milk Bar, you’re missing out!) Available in unisex or youth tees and the ladies drop hem v-neck.

This collection of recycled, upcycled, and organic cotton blend fabric cares for planet and people better than pretty much any other garments on the market.