Let’s start with the neck of our garments. A few years ago we set out to source sustainable clothing labels for the necks and side seams of our tees. We found a manufacturer that made tear away neck labels and satin side seam labels from recycled polyester and we made the switch.

Then, in March of 2022, members of our team were at a Fair Trade event and met the Starfish Project team. This amazing organization that supports, trains and empowers women was able to manufacture our sustainable clothing labels making them both recycled AND fair trade - a win win all around! So now that little tag in the neck of your shirt means even more - it’s literally freedom for the hands that make it. How cool is that?!


What do we mean by trims? It’s all the finishing details on a garment! Our primary trims are drawcord & twill tape. Grab a piece of GOEX fleece and take a look at the detail in the neckline - that’s twill tape! Both our twill tape & drawcord and made from 100% recycled polyester diverting waste from landfills. Now that’s attention to detail!


Our GOEX buttons are also made from recycled plastic. We first sourced them from a company in Italy making recycled plastic buttons. We had to pick from their stock collection of buttons and after much thought we landed on the textured brown & clear button - not too pearl and not too brown! (Did we overthink that one or do you like our buttons?)

Then our trim supplier offered to make us a custom recycled button! You will soon start to see our “Feel Good. Do Good.” tagline etched in each button! Just a little reminder of the meaning behind each garment - we hope you’ll feel great every time you look at a GOEX button!


Here’s another fun story for you! When we originally sourced zippers for our full zip and quarter zip fleece, we found it hard to find a source for reasonable, bulk, low minimum, commercial grade zippers. Didn’t seem like that hard of an ask to us but we quickly learned differently! We were happy with our original zippers but they weren’t anything special. Then, again very serendipitously, we were introduced to Oceanworks - this super cool company recycles ocean plastic into things like zippers in partnership with manufacturers like YKK. We quickly made the switch and now all of our zippers are made from recycled ocean plastic!


After ordering packaging randomly for a few years, we decided to search out sustainable clothing packaging. We now purchase all of our poly bags and mailers from Eco-Enclose, a Colorado company making recyclable and reusable mailers and polybags.

In addition, we reuse all of our boxes! Watch for the recycled box sticker on your next shipment letting you know that box is on its 2nd apparel journey. That means that box was originally packed at our factory in Haiti to carry garments to our warehouse in Kansas City. We keep boxes when we prep garments for print and repack them to come to you saving thousands of cardboard boxes every year. You’ll also find no plastic in the boxes and we seal them with paper tape instead of plastic!


We always want your items to come to you looking their best! We worked again with Starfish Project to develop finishing touches for our retailers to educate customers about the benefits of the tees. We offer a hang tag (made from recycled paper of course) free of charge for our retail clients. If the garment contains recycled materials we add a 2nd tag highlighting that feature! We also just added small item packaging for things like stickers and pens that just finish them off and make them easy add on sales.


And, of course, we offer a variety of garments made with sustainable fabrics! Head over to our fabrics page to learn more!