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      WE LOVE THE SHIRTS!!! Thank you so much for the shirts, it is truly a blessing!


      You are the best. I’ve worn your T-Shirts nearly every day for around 3 years and they are super comfortable and never wear out!


      Founding Partner - Life Safety Architects

      I’ve been following The Global Orphan Project and CarePortal for a while. I was so excited to be able to help further the mission by the simple act of ordering t-shirts for our event through you!!!


      from Referco

      The t-shirts were fantastic and I love seeing them again and again. We are grateful for your support and for the special treatment I feel like we had from the very beginning. I will keep spreading the word and hope to use your t-shirts on another project in the future!


      These new shirts from GOEX are making us feel great in more ways than one. Each t-shirt was made in Haiti and helps create living wage jobs, keeps families together, and takes care of kids in the U.S. and around the world. Proud to support a company who’s making a difference and provides us with such high quality, durable shirts for our crew!


      We have been working with GOEX to create custom tees and fleece for our retail pet boutique for two years. Their custom designs and prices are by far the best we have found and the comfort and fit of these shirts keeps our customers coming back for more and telling all of their friends, too! But it is their mission and fair trade policies that really sets these shirts apart. I think people just feel better about buying and wearing products that support such positive ethics.


      from Republic of Paws, Colorado Springs, CO

      Once again we are designing shirts using GOEX’s super soft t-shirts which also means your purchase makes a difference! GOEX is fully owned by The Global Orphan Project and profits go to support the care of vulnerable children by providing jobs for parents and improving access for education around the world! We are excited to share GOEX is now a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation which means they are deeply committed to the highest standards of fair trade and the pursuit of a more just and sustainable world.


      from Grace Thru Faith

      We absolutely love our new team shirts! We wore them right away for an event and were constantly saying how comfy they are. We loved being able to support such an amazing company — shouldn’t all t-shirt companies be more like you?


      I chose to buy from GOEX because the high quality of shirts and the fact that my order will help provide a living wage to a mom in Haiti!


      from Lifesong for Orphans