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      How big can you print on a shirt?

      Our full chest and full back prints are 15”(w) X 18”(h) (3” down from collar).

      Can I print the same order on adult and youth sizes?

      If youth and adult sizes are combined, we will reduce the size of the artwork to the smallest shirts, OR there is a $15 per color charge for a second-sized set of screens. That decision is up to you!

      Can I mix and match ink or shirt colors?

      You can! Please note that if you’re mixing a light shirt and a dark shirt, we may need to change the color of the graphic so it’s easily visible. We charge $15 per color change.

      I’m missing a couple shirts from my order. What happened?

      This is a rare occasion and we apologize for this inconvenience. Printing is an art, not a science and sometimes t-shirts don’t meet GOEX standards. Our accounting department will issue you a credit shortly.


      What kind of art files should I send you?

      We kindly request a vector art file (.AI or .EPS). If you’re not familiar with this file type, please request the informational art packet from your
      sales representative.

      How much are art fees?

      We allow our customers 15 minutes of FREE art time. From there, we charge $40 per hour for creative art proofs. All original artwork created by GOEX is the property of GOEX.

      Is my design considered creative art?

      If we do not receive a vector art file from you, then yes! Your design is considered creative art, as our in-house artist will start from scratch to recreate the file you provided.

      What is your turnaround time for a proof?

      We give our in-house artist 48 hours to complete your proof. Every revision after will respect that same timeline.