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      We’re guided by a team of leaders in Kansas City and Haiti who are united under our mission to create and sustain fair wage jobs that empower makers to care for their families. These individuals enable us to choose better in everything we do at GOEX and believe in the power of a simple tee that feels good and does good too.


      Jessica Ray, Executive Director

      Jessica spent a significant part of her childhood on the production floor of her family’s toy manufacturing plant. That providential business beginning led her to a career in high end retail, first at Neiman Marcus and later at Halls (Hallmark) in Kansas City. Jessica brings over 17 years of proven experience in sales, merchandising, supply chain, planning/inventory management, and manufacturing. Those skills provide the insight and oversight necessary to ensure success in our apparel manufacturing operations which, in turn, is the catalyst for changing lives in Haiti through the dignity of work.

      Tyler Fisk, Director of Finance & Operations

      Tyler is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with 7+ years of experience in the accounting industry with a proven track record of providing organizational leadership, expertise and effective oversight for organizations domestically and abroad. Tyler started his career in public accounting at Baird, Kurtz & Dobson in Kansas City, Missouri. Tyler joined the GOEX team in October 2017, where he now serves the organization as the Director of Finance & Operations.

      Shelby Williams, Client Services & Operation Manager

      Born and Raised in Kansas City, Shelby has been with GOEX Apparel since spring of 2016. After working several years in the hospitality industry, Shelby is passionate about making sure our clients receive the best service possible. As a Client Service and Operations Manager, Shelby is responsible for making sure your order leaves our shop correctly and on time!


      Ariane Manuel, General Manager at LIFE

      Ariane Manuel was born and raised in the United States by parents who are Haitian diaspora and officially made Haiti home in 2017. She has held increasing levels of production management responsibility at Life SA over the past three years, training under Jeffrey Blatt. In addition to her love of manufacturing, making a difference in other peoples’ lives has always been a passion. Not only making a difference, but also seeking to understand and sympathize with others. This is what makes her position with a social enterprise so important – the care for employees as people and families and the willingness to sacrifice profits to care for the well-being of the employees.

      Luisa Esquibel Piedad, Production Manager at LIFE

      Luisa started working in the garment industry in 1976 as a production supervisor in the Philippines. She came to Haiti when her prior company decided to open a plant and has made it home ever since. Her job description includes sample making, production layout and balancing of LIFE’s teams.

      Perpetua St. Clair, Finance & HR Specialist at LIFE

      Perpetua started working in the apparel sector in 2011 after the earthquake for a survey. After one year, she integrated into LIFE. She has grown with GOEX and learned a great amount in the process. Her responsibilities include administration, human resources and finance.