Eco Triblend

Your new favorite Tee

By far our most popular fabric, our eco triblend jersey is a blend of three unique fibers - learn more below!  The fabric is finished at 4.4 oz, a little heavier than many other triblends on the market.  While the polyester in the blend gives it a nice drape and water wicking properties, the slightly heavier weight makes it wear beautifully.  You will reach for this tee for years to come!

50% CiCLO® Biodegradable Polyester

New for 2024, CiCLO® Polyester, is a OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified chemistry that causes the polyester in garments to breakdown in the environment at the same rate as cotton! Synthetic fibers make the apparel industry a leading environmental polluter, especially of microplastics found in water and soil. CiCLO® changes this! Say goodbye to pollutants and garments that live in landfills forever without sacrificing any of things you love about our triblend fabric. The same soft durable fabric but with even more reasons to feel good!

37% USA Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the world. It is also one of the goods most commonly produced using forced labor. As a result, we prefer to source yarns using USA cotton where labor and environmental regulations are tighter and we can feel confident that our supply chain is not causing harm to people.


TENCEL™ is a natural fiber produced responsibly using sustainable sourced wood pulps. The fiber is created by photosynthesis and can biodegrade or revert fully back to nature. TENCEL™ fibers are known for their naturally soft qualities and ability to blend with other fibers increasing the softness and comfort of fabrics.

Available in 18 shades, there’s a perfect triblend color for every occasion.