A Dignified Labor Day

A Dignified Labor Day

There is no such thing as a cheap product. Someone, somewhere ALWAYS pays the price. 

The shirt you’re wearing right now went through many hands before it’s unboxed at a store. Garments are made through an assembly line process where one person is responsible for one process. For example, you have people designated for cutting fabric, people who sew sleeves, people who apply tags, and so on. Typically, garment workers are paid 2-6 cents per piece. This means that workers are not guaranteed a steady income, they also aren’t being compensated fairly for the work that they do. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, an estimated 93% of brands do not pay their workers a living wage. 

In addition to unethical manufacturing, cheap tees are designed to only last ten wears. Not ten years. Ten WEARS. That shirt then goes to landfill where it will stay for at least 200 years before finally decomposing. After considering this, are you truly saving money? By shifting our perspective in regard to our consumer habits we actually see that a $5 t-shirt is indeed a steal - the stealing of fair wages, dignity, safety, and the health of our planet. 


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A Fair Price

One of the biggest myths about ethically made products is that they’re expensive for the consumer. In reality, most fair trade products are competitively priced in relation to their conventional counterparts. Fair Trade Federation members (like us) work directly with producers, cutting out middlemen, so they can keep products affordable for consumers and return a greater percentage of the price to the producers. Our team has spent countless hours researching and participating in competitive shopping to make sure that our tees are fair to you AND our makers. 

This Labor Day, remember that you have power in your purchase decisions. Behind every item you purchase there are living, breathing human beings. Just like you they wake up in the morning and go to work. They dream of providing for their families and yearn to be empowered in their communities. Just like the consumer, the maker has the right to a healthy work environment, a fair wage, and dignified work. 

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