Build Back Fairer

Build Back Fairer

World Fair Trade Day is an inclusive worldwide celebration of fair trade’s contribution to the fight against poverty, exploitation and climate change. This year, it takes place on May 13. 


Fair Trade matters in this moment more than ever. Why? 


Fair Trade companies do everything they can to keep paying makers around the world whose governments don’t have safety nets in place to provide for them. The world is ailing due to inequality and environmental degradation. The pandemic has shown us that we can work together to flatten the contagion curves, support each other through hardships, and celebrate victories. We can channel that same energy to bring about transformations in our economies and trading practices for a fair and sustainable future.

 Fair Trade Federation Members


Fair Trade companies focus on making the world a better place every day. Today, we celebrate these four specific focus areas: 



Fair Trade means a lot of things, to a lot of different people. But if we get down to the nitty gritty, it means “better”. Better standards, better treatment, better pay, better conditions, just better. Member’s of the Fair Trade Federation seek to do “better” as they follow principle #6: Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions. We are committed to protecting livelihoods and ensuring every maker can meet their basic needs. 

When you make the commitment to ensure that your workplace has an empowering environment you are doing more than running a business. You are nurturing a place of growth, sustainability, and progress. Those who work hard should always have the means to lift themselves up.



In order to ensure that true advancement occurs, we must diversify the decision making panels. Our workers and customers contribute directly to our success. It’s not the numbers on a graph or projections in a report. It’s about making connections and doing the right thing. We don’t spend money on PR ads telling you how good we are. Instead we invite you to see for yourself. When you visit either facility, you’re encouraged to talk with employees and get a better understanding of how we support the people who make your clothes. Transparency is only one of the ways we seek to do better in everything we do. 



We are doing our part to uphold the pillars of Fair Trade including “Cultivate Environmental Stewardship”. For us, this means not only using recycled components or fabrics but also joining in conversations about environmental justice and equality. 

Environmental equity describes a society in which no single group or community faces disadvantages in dealing with environmental hazards, disasters, or pollution. It involves fair treatment from a region's authority and meaningful involvement with its constituents. It includes ethical practices that amplify better from seed to stitch



Comfortable, sustainable apparel is wonderful and our mission is even better. The fact remains true: we’re a nonprofit organization. After costs to sustainably produce premium eco-friendly apparel and provide livable wage jobs, all GOEX profit — every bit of it — goes to fund projects set in motion by The Global Orphan ProjectThe Global Orphan Project exists to break the orphan cycle and one of the biggest contributors to the orphan cycle is poverty. That’s where we come in! We exist to create and sustain fair wage jobs that empower employees to care for their families. On average, one of our workers earning a fair wage supports six family members. GOEX exists to improve the lives of the workers and the communities we touch and one way we’re making good on that promise by providing fair wages to our workers in Kansas City and Haiti. Our profits go directly back to people. Our practices profit the planet. 

The need for commerce to invest in people over profits has never been more clear. The World Fair Trade Organization says, “We cannot simply go back to the old normal. The old normal left millions behind and was destroying our planet. We have now/today the opportunity to reboot our economies so it is equitable and sustainable.Learn more about their #BuildBackFairer vision.  

We exist to do good so the world can feel good. Thank you for choosing to care for others and our world through the power of your purchase. We are committed to every person who plays a role in producing your t-shirts, committed to the children and families who benefit from 100% of profit, and committed to providing you with complete transparency and a product you’re proud to wear. 


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