The Importance of Brick and Mortar

The Importance of Brick and Mortar

“Don’t be afraid. There are exquisite things in store for you. This is merely the beginning.” - Oscar Wilde


We know Oscar was talking in a more existential “Keep going. You’re awesome,” manner. But let’s talk about the phrase “in store” - the brick and mortar store that is. 

Recently, GOEX Apparel celebrated the Grand Re-Opening of it’s retail space in KC. The space opened August of 2020 but due to the pandemic it didn’t get the grand welcome that it deserved. This year, we celebrated. We had refreshments, a live screenprinting demonstration, community members, raffles, and more. Despite the challenges of the previous year our local community did not disappoint when it came to support and enthusiasm. 


The Importance of Brick and Mortar

The online shopping experience has really come a long way. You can find anything online. From kitchenware to custom tees, the potential of a person’s wish lists is endless. Online shopping makes obtaining goods more accessible, convenient, and provides a private shopping experience.  For years, the data has shown that the future is online. However, brick and mortar stores have survived numerous bouts of uncertainty proving that they are here to stay.

Despite the data, the fact remains that the magic of the brick and mortar experience simply can not be matched. Here’s why: 


The ad you saw on social media indicated that our tees were super soft. Do you believe it? It may seem obvious but so much anxiety is eliminated by being able to see and feel a product before you buy. No shipping back and forth. No measuring twice. It’s right there. (Real talk: Our shirts ARE indeed super soft. You can absolutely take our word for it. Just check out the reviews.)


Brick and mortar stores are the inventors of customer service. From sales to product demonstrations, shopkeepers have been the innovators when it comes to knowing what the customer wants before they enter the store. In addition to tailored service, brick and mortar stores cultivate community. Money earned from a brick and mortar store goes back into the local economy benefiting all. A brick and mortar store practically defines what it means to be a community. 


(Speaking of community.) Human beings thrive in strong, compassionate communities. In this atmosphere, dreams come true. For example, an entrepreneur opens a shop. The shop gains notoriety and causes the owner to hire more staff. Eventually that leads to a 2nd location. (Read more about our partner Pink Dinosaur opening their second location HERE.) You may think that your small purchase didn’t mean much but it did. It helped to sustain jobs from manufacturing to the shop floor. It helped validate an entrepreneur’s business decision. Your support of a brick and mortar store makes dreams come true.  


GOEX Apparel Store

Where’s GOEX?

You can find GOEX all over. We are coast to coast and even in parts of Canada! Here’s some of the brick and mortar stores that sell GOEX goods: 

Greenville University


Lubanzi Wines

The Mercantile of Scottsdale

Mercy House Global Market

National WWI Museum

New Creation

Pink Dinosaur

Rockford Art Deli

Ten Thousands Villages

Zee Bee Market




Want GOEX Tees in your store?

Need something better for your brick and mortar store? Whether you need 24 tees or 24,000 tees, GOEX is here to provide you with retail-quality, fair trade garments with the highest quality screenprinted graphics. Love our social mission but have your own screen printer or even print yourself? No problem! You can purchase our blank tees at wholesale prices in bulk too!