What Is A Social Enterprise?

What Is A Social Enterprise?

We at GOEX consider ourselves a social enterprise but what does that mean exactly? Social Enterprise is a loaded term because it is ever changing at lightning speed. If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned dictionary definition, Cambridge Dictionary defines social enterprise as “an organization that aims to make money in order to serve a useful social purpose”. That’s pretty straight forward. While that is very to the point there are layers upon layers of meaning and mission. Here are three ways GOEX defines what it means to be a social enterprise:


1. People Over Profits

People over profits is a phrase you hear regularly on the social enterprise grapevine. It’s more than a buzzword though. Valuing people over profit means you’re dedicated to keeping your makers safe and empowered, to paying promptly and fairly, respecting cultural identity, and to creating opportunities for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. 


2. Making The World A Better Place 

At GOEX we seek to do better; better for our needs and better for the needs of future generations. In every decision we make, we ensure that the planet is protected and that every hand that touches a garment is respected. There is a way to conduct business while making a positive impact and we chose to lead by example. A better shirt for a better world. 


3. Upgrading The Wheel

We are a basic apparel company. T-shirts, cardigans, fleece, cool graphics? We got you. We don’t need to reinvent basic apparel but we do believe in upgrading it. We are dedicated to making garments that last in order to lower our carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort. A good tee can invoke your favorite version of you. That’s what we want! (It’s in our tagline - Feel good. Do good.) We want you to put on a GOEX garment and know that you feel good: feel good about yourself and about your impact through a simple purchase decision. 


We are GOEX

We exist to do good so the world can feel good. By aligning our mission with the Fair Trade Federation’s Nine Principles we can influence real, lasting change. As a social enterprise we not only commit to leading an example, we allow ourselves to grow and learn from others. You know: Feel good. Do good.