So much to be thankful for, even in 2020


At GOEX, we choose to see the good in this unpredictable world. We’re thankful for the many things in our lives that keep us sustained and bring us joy. Below, some of our team members share what they’re grateful for this year! 


“I am thankful this season for so many little things. I am thankful for coffee and heated blankets as the weather gets cold. I am thankful for FaceTime and Zoom to keep in touch with friends and family in the middle of a pandemic. I am thankful for sunny days and that I have been able to keep most of my plants alive. Finally, I am thankful that this year brought me to my husband who has quickly become the best part of my life.”  


Carly Moore | Sales Manager


“I’m grateful for new beginnings in the midst of difficult times in the world. I am grateful for a new job with GOEX and the work we are doing. I am grateful for a new place to call home, a healthy family (and myself), amazing friends and my best gal, my dog Evie.”


Jen Parlin | Sales Manager


“I think it’s important to think about what we are thankful for even in a year full of challenges and difficulty amongst ourselves and the world beyond! I am grateful for activism this year, seeing people stand up for each other even as times are tough. I am grateful for the health and safety of myself, my friends and my family. I am grateful for new beginnings and the people who have stuck with me through it all! I’m also beyond grateful for a family who is loving, caring and always there for me.”


Maris Moon | Warehouse Assistant


“2020 has been an interesting year. My husband and I are thankful that we were both able to keep our jobs and work from home. We have enjoyed the extra time together and I have become even more of a homebody. But I have also learned to appreciate and cherish time with friends and family even more. I am so thankful for the loving people in my life. Lastly, I am thankful that we were able to update our kitchen this year! Now I just wish we could host a big party, hopefully one day!”


Kenna Russell | Graphic Artist


“I always feel thankful for my family, but this year even more so. Being locked together for so long reminded me of how much family time we had lost through our hustle and bustle of sports, work etc. We now make more time for each other. Dinners together, game night, etc. I am also very thankful to have found GOEX during the pandemic after being furloughed, then let go. It was a very dark and scary time for me personally.  Not only do I love my new job, the people I work with are incredible!”


Allison Carson | Sales Manager


“I’m grateful that in a year filled with uncertainty and fear my husband and I have been blessed with employers who make it their first priority to take care of us instead of only focusing on their bottom line.”


Meghann Wheelock | GOEX Product Management Coordinator


“At GOEX, we are immensely grateful for the community of givers and customers who have made it possible to keep going in a tough year. Every shirt we get to print or ship is a reason to celebrate. I am grateful for an amazing team who has kept a positive attitude, navigated a ton of challenges and kept us rolling. Personally, I am incredibly grateful because I have a miracle nephew who was born this year at only 26 weeks, weighing less than one pound. He’s home now with my sister and doing great – off of oxygen and eating well and, so far, getting a clean bill of health. He’s a precious reminder that we’re not in control regardless of how hard we try and that, even in this wild year, we have much to be thankful for!”


Jessica Ray | Executive Director


What are you grateful for during this uncertain time?

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5 Fair Trade Gifts for the Thoughtful Giver  

5 Fair Trade Gifts for the Thoughtful Giver  

We all know “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to giving gifts. It’s not always about finding the perfect gift, the coolest gift or the most expensive gift. It’s about thoughtfulness. And thoughtfulness takes on a whole new meaning when you give gifts that both feel good and do good. 


When you give a fair trade gift this holiday season, you are thinking about the recipient of the gift and the person who made it. We’ve selected our five favorite GOEX garments for the thoughtful giver who wants to give a gift with impact. 


Gift good. Feel good. 

White Crew


Price: $40.00


Other Colors: Oxford, Navy, Black


Thoughtful Touches: Our crewnecks are the perfect weight as a basic outerwear in transitional temperatures or layered up for warmth in winter. Each is made of U.S. fabric and sewn in our boutique factory in Haiti with extreme attention to detail, such as decorative stitching on the seams and twill tape in the neckline. But the story behind it is what makes this gift so thoughtful. Every purchase sustains fair wage jobs that uplift families!


Grey Cardigan


Price: $35.00


Other Colors: White, Navy, Berry, Olive


Thoughtful Touches: This flattering, rib cardigan is not only fashionable and super comfy, but it’s one of our most eco-friendly garments! Using the leftover rib fabric from our triblend tees and featuring three recycled plastic buttons, these cardigans contain recycled water bottles and divert waste from landfills in Haiti. Meaning they’ll feel twice as good when wearing it.


Weekender Hoodie


Price: $45.00


Other Colors: Navy


Thoughtful Touches: They will love the comfy fit of the Ladies Weekender Hoodie designed to look great with jeans or leggings! This is one of those “look like you are ready for the day but feel like you never left bed” garments. It’s that dreamy. And what makes it more thoughtful than your average hoodie? The maker was treated with respect and paid a fair wage — reinstating pride, dignity and stability within their family.


Ivory Premium Cotton Tee


Price: $15.00


Other Colors: Black, Oxford, White, Cardinal, Navy, Lucite, Turquoise, Marigold, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Atomic Green, Dried Herb, Maroon, Red, Neon Orange, Royal Blue, Scuba, Purple


Thoughtful Touches: This is not your basic, basic. The premium, ringspun cotton tee in ivory is sure to become a wardrobe go-to. The relaxed fit is designed for comfort but with features that keep it stylish, including the double needle topstitch at the collar and hems. Not to mention, our cotton is sourced right here in the U.S. and travels only 1,200 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts compared to the average 16,000 mile journey of mega-factory tees. 


Olive Hoodie


Price: $40.00


Other Colors: Navy, Oxford, Black


Thoughtful Touches: Our buttery soft, hoodies were designed for everyday life that just so happens to be life-giving as well. From weekend outings to warding off office chills, this is a must-have basic hoodie that empowers the makers in their families and communities!


Keep Giving More Goodness

Looking for more gifts that feel good and do good? Take a look at the Fair Trade Federation’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Odds are, if you love the story behind a gift, your loved one will too.


5 Easy, Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes You Can Make Out of a T-Shirt


Americans spend billions of dollars on Halloween goods each year, contributing billions of pounds of textile waste. Instead of adding to it, keep this Halloween season as eco-friendly as possible by making a costume that won’t crush your bank account — or the planet. Check out these 5 fun and easy costume ideas below with a fair trade t-shirt and a few extra supplies! 


  1. Fruit
    You can never go wrong with food! All you’ll need for this costume is a colorful tee and felt to cut out the little details of your fruit of choice — seeds, stems, leaves, etc. Safety pin the details to your tee and wear with black pants and shoes. We have many different colored tees to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match your favorite fruit!

    (Image credit: Brittany Sanderson)

  2. Ghost
    This costume couldn’t be easier. Grab a white t-shirt and add a face with felt. We recommend checking out one of our vintage white tees for this look! This costume would be paired perfectly with white socks.

    (Image credit: Rock My Family)

  3. Jack-O’-Lantern 
    With an orange t-shirt and matching stocking cap, you can create a quick and easy pumpkin-inspired costume — no carving required! All you need to do is cut jack-o’-lantern facial features out of black duct tape and place them on the tee. Simply remove the duct tape when you’re done and you’re ready to rock your favorite orange tee again! Check out our orange colored tees to accomplish this look.

    (Image credit: Summer Lower)

  4. Black Cat
    For the classic black cat costume, you can wear your go-to black tee! There is no need for ear headbands (unless you already own them) the face makeup is enough, and if your hair is long you can do your hair in buns to look like ears. Our charcoal tees would be purrfect for this costume.

    (Image credit: 5 Minutes For Mom)

  5. Cotton Candy
    Have a sweet tooth and love puns? Safety pin cotton balls and candy to a plain candy-colored t-shirt to create cotton candy. Our berry or purple tees would complete this delicious costume!

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

Let your imagination go and see what you can do with just a shirt this Halloween! The best thing is when you make a costume out of a GOEX tee, you can feel good and do good all year-round. Not just for one holiday!


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A better shirt for a better world. | Fair Trade Month


October is Fair Trade Month which means it’s time to take a moment to think about what we’re buying, where it comes from and how it can affect the world around us. Read on to learn how when you purchase a GOEX tee, you are choosing a better shirt for a better world. 


Over two billion t-shirts are sold around the world each year. Whether it be for a sporting team, event or just for fun, we buy new t-shirts all the time, often without considering how they’re affecting the environment. After water usage, pesticide treatments and thousands of miles of travel, the apparel industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters.


This is exactly the problem that companies like GOEX seek to solve. We are proud to be an ethical company and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. In addition to creating fair wage jobs, providing safe working conditions and helping to break the orphan cycle, our clothing has many environmental benefits as well.


Saves Sea Life


In the production of typical apparel, many fabrics will be transported thousands of miles by ship, leaving oil residue in the ocean.This toxic oil kills sea life and leaves many entire habitats ruined. Because our fabrics are sourced right here in the US, shipped only 1,200 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts and shipped back to the U.S. for sale, we greatly reduce the amount of pollution in our production process.


Made from Recycled Material   


Not only are our fabrics made from U.S. grown cotton, but our triblends also contain recycled polyester. Each eco-triblend tee contains the equivalent of five recycled water bottles. Tags, buttons, zippers and drawcords are all made from recycled plastics as well.  Every time you wear one of our t-shirts,  you can feel good about it!


Reduces Future Waste 


With the growing trend of fast fashion, clothing is cheaply made and quickly ripped or thrown away. In fact, over fifteen million tons of used textiles are thrown away each year. GOEX shirts, however, are made from better high-quality fabrics, making them last much longer. Plus, because they’re t-shirts, they never go out of style! By producing well-made, long-lasting clothing, we seek to minimize apparel waste.


Each of these things are important to GOEX and part of the reason we choose to make our clothing ethically. Each of our two billion annual t-shirt purchases have an effect on the environment and people around the world, so let’s make it a positive one!


Shop tees made with you in mind.

We’d love to get you started with a better basic tee today! Choose from our many styles, colors, and fits to make the perfect garment for your next group event — something you can feel proud to wear. Browse our Digital Catalog today!


Ethically Made From Seed To Stitch


Impact Fashion is one of the leading sustainable fashion events in Los Angeles. Consumers from all over come to learn about and meet the best in impact-driven, environmental-friendly, fair trade fashion. This year, our fair trade apparel was invited to walk their virtual runway!


Every pair of pants, graphic tee or cozy sweatshirt has traveled to make it in your closet. The global fast fashion market is a 30+ billion dollar a year industry, but few know the story behind the clothing on the racks. Today, many are raising their voice to take a stand by supporting fair trade brands and ethically made fashion. And as a consumer, you are perhaps the most important member of the fair trade community.


Didn’t get a chance to see our looks? No sweat. We are bringing the runway to you.


Shop these Fair Trade Looks




Vegan Leather Jacket: Blue District


Fair Trade Graphic Tee: GOEX Apparel


Natural Dyed Pants: Ola Wyola


Accessories: Astor + Orion














Velvet Peacock Duster Jacket: Symbology


White Triblend Tank Top: GOEX Apparel


Chunky Mixed Metal Chain: Ola Wyola


Studded Bordeuax Bootie: Bhava












Triblend White Tank Top: GOEX Apparel


Everyday Denim Jacket: Amma’s Umma


Pleated Skirt: Atonement


Brown “Lauren” Boot: Bhava













Vintage White Top: GOEX Apparel


Embroidered Skirt: Atonement Design


Gold Charm Necklace: Astor + Orion


Vegan Boots: Bhava


Orange Tortoise Earrings: Atonement Design












Triblend White Tank Top: GOEX Apparel


Triblend White Cardigan: GOEX Apparel


Palazzo Pants: Passion Lilie














Black Daisy Front Tie Dress: Atonement Design


Cotton Black Tee: GOEX Apparel


Vegan Sandals: Bhava














Full Zip Hoodie: GOEX Apparel


Triblend Amber Tee: GOEX Apparel


Cotton Texture Slim Pants: Aroop India


Chunky Chain Necklace: VireChic


Dreamer Silver Hoop Earrings: Astor + Orion


Vegan Flats: Kallie & Co







“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” 

Anna Lappe




Lebanon Travel Diary | Executive Director, Jessica Ray


Lebanon has been making headlines for it’s devastating explosion and economic crisis, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight it’s beauty. Our Executive Director, Jessica Ray, traveled to the Middle East last year and reflects on the incredible trip below and shares how you can help kids in crisis in Lebanon.


I was thinking again this week about how much has changed in a few short months. A year ago my husband and I were preparing for a trip to the Middle East with The Global Orphan Project where we would see the church serving families in Jordan and Lebanon.


The trip was amazing! I will never forget the experience as long as I live. Many friends and family members were quite concerned when we told them where we were going. We met amazing people while there and experienced unsurpassed beauty and hospitality. And we were so honored to spend time with our team members and see the way they serve those around them. They do so humbly but also with a strong sense of pride in their communities and countries. As if that wasn’t enough, walking in places where Jesus walked only made the trip that much sweeter.


Little did I know riots would break in Beirut only hours after we left. That would be followed by a global pandemic which halted all travel and then an explosion second only to a nuclear bomb would tear apart the Beirut harbor. I had no idea that flight home to Kansas City would be my last for more than a year.


We’re all experiencing loss and grief right now in varying ways and depths. But we’re also seeing people pull together and care for one another in unprecedented ways. Whether here at home or with our team in Haiti or on the other side of the world where clean up reconstruction in Beirut will last years, communities are finding ways to support one another and create moments of joy.


Purchasing our new Lebanon tee is a great way to give to our efforts there to care for kids and families in crisis. We hope when you wear it, it won’t be a symbol of sadness but instead of joy and hope. The team in Lebanon is connecting with more families than ever before and serving them well. Regardless of how hard this moment is, there is always hope for a brighter future and joy in good memories.

Thanks for letting me share one of my favorites!


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Fall 2020 Trend Report | graphics and fonts

Fall fashion trends for 2020 you need to know – graphics and fonts edition.

Last edition, we cued you in on all of the comfy staples you should be filling your closet with this fall. Check out our Fall 2020 Trend Report – graphic and fonts edition below to learn more about what statements will be in trend this season.



You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. This season is all about looking put-together on your Zoom call while remaining comfy enough to lounge on your couch in your work from home ensemble. Follow any one of the trends below and get inspiration for your next t-shirt or fleece design.




Rainbows evoke joy, hope, and wonder, making them the perfect image for almost any type of apparel. Add text and choose your own color palette to make a unique design that anyone would be happy to wear.



Rainbow words

Add interest to text-based designs by making the letters a rainbow of colors. Change the mood of the shirt by refining your color palette for the letters.



Off register prints

Think outside the lines! Rooted in 60’s pop art, this look is a classic way to add interest to a design with blobs of color positioned off-alignment from the lines they were meant to fill in. 



Tiny text

Sometimes, less is more. Create a minimally aesthetic t-shirt design featuring tiny text.



Retro typography

Get groovy and throw it back to the 60’s and 70’s by designing a funky tee with retro fonts in psychedelic colors like reds, yellows and pinks.



Abstract drawings

Organic, abstract forms make for compelling t-shirt designs and can stand alone or be combined with text. Use a mixture of colorful and creative strokes and lines to make an expressive t-shirt sure to stand out.



Delicate florals

Flowers can stand for growth and beauty, or a fresh start. A delicate floral design can be the main focus of your t-shirt or used as extra elements in a typographic design.



Plastic bag vibes

The iconic white and red “Thank You” bag has been a point of inspiration for years. The familiar design is easy to transform into artwork for almost any message by using a white product as your base and repeating lines of red text.



Bold/inspirational statements

Say it bold and clear. Creating a simple t-shirt with a word or phrase that gets your point across can sometimes be all you need.



Geography designs

There are tons of creative ways to mark a geographic area on your design. Use a map, outline, or silhouette to make your mark.



Repeating text

Get your point across by repeating your message. Repeating text will create the desired impact, and result in a well-designed shirt at the same time.



Left aligned

Left aligned text is a great way to stylize your t-shirt design while keeping a minimal aesthetic. This technique works well with text-only designs, because it adds some intentionality to the text placement.



Animal portraits 

We’ve seen a new trend of large animal portraits on shirts this season. Designers create large, stylized portraits of dogs, cats, turtles, cows and more. This is a perfect option for any organization that works with animals or just animal lovers in general.




Mountains can be symbolic of challenges, setting goals and achieving them, or simply being outside in nature. The beauty of mountains and the many ways they can be visually represented makes them a popular choice for apparel.



Artwork prints

Many artists are moving their creations off Instagram and onto shirts! They select work that’s been a fan-favorite on social media and translate that into a printable apparel design.



Pocket print designs

The “pocket” printing location is incredibly popular this year. Boutiques and companies are using small logos or designs and printing them on the front of their tees. Pocket prints are a great way to promote your message in a subtle, stylish way.



90’s vibes

Calling all 90’s babies! Pay homage to one of the best decades with neon colors, geometric shapes and MTV vibes.



Large back prints

Oversized prints on oversized products are all the rage. Screen printing your design in a large way is a great option for designs that are more intricate and detailed or designs that are meant to obtain that L.A. street grunge look.



Handwritten typography

Hand-drawn letterforms can have a range of different moods, so it can be funky, retro, bold, or delicate. The flexibility you have when you draw your own lettering makes it a great choice for almost any t-shirt you’re designing.


Make your own trends.

Whether you’re designing a t-shirt or fleece, we hope these Fall 2020 graphic and font trends give you some inspiration. Start from scratch and create your own design or take one of our own designs and make it your own. Browse our Graphics Catalog today!


Thanks for growing with us


Our core story remains.

We started GOEX to create and sustain fair wage jobs that empower employees to care for their families. Over the past decade, our core story has remained the same.



2020 and beyond.

After ten years of exciting growth, our mission matters more than ever, and we want to make sure that mission is at the front of everything we do. GOEX isn’t just about apparel – it’s about what we stand for and what we do for a better world.


We took all the things you love about GOEX and are making them a little clearer and a little more fun!



A better message.

Because we hope you’ll live as much of life as possible in our feel-good garments, we continue to expand our collection with new styles, graphics and colors to keep you comfy, trendy and put together. We don’t believe we have to sacrifice anything in order to care for the hands making our products.


Our company is about choosing better – better pay for employees, better fabrics made here in the U.S., better quality in our finishes and better for the planet with recycled content. This is a better shirt for a better world and if that doesn’t make you feel good, we’re not sure what will.


And ultimately, our purpose at GOEX is to connect you, the consumer, with our teams in Haiti and Kansas City. It’s your purchases that sustain fair wage jobs empowering workers in their families and communities. The end product is a shirt that feels good and does good.


Thank you for your continued support and for growing alongside us! The best is yet to come.



— Jessica Ray, Executive Director of Marketplace


Fall 2020 Trend Report | color and garments

Fall fashion trends for 2020 – color and garments edition. 

Wondering what’s new at GOEX and what staples you should be filling your closet with this fall? Our development team analyzed color trends, created new silhouettes and perfected our garment assortment. Check out our Fall 2020 Trend Report – color and garments edition below.



According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Fall 2020 reflect our interest in desirable seasonal classics with personality. Colors whose timelessness and versatility convey a level of functionality, and at the same time lend themselves to unique color statements that stand out. These colors encourage creativity as well as pragmatism, reflecting the changing mindset of today’s consumer, who prioritizes value and longevity over color choices that are here today and gone tomorrow.


Pops of color

Colorful favorites coupled with seasonal core shades come together to create a palette of fresh color classics. You can find our new Rose Heather Triblend Tee in the lineup, this dusty pink is flattering on a variety of skin tones and will be seen everywhere this season. We can’t wait to see you all start rocking it!


This season’s core hues are equally comfortable as singular color statements or as the foundation for a rich color narrative. Our new Ivory tee is sure to be a core piece in your collection for seasons to come. 

Key color combos

Get inspired by these key color combos. Don’t be afraid to make a high-impact statement with your wardrobe choices this season (even if it’ll only be appreciated over video calls).  


This season is all about feeling good. As many of us continue to work from home, we recognize the importance of looking polished, yet remaining comfortable. We have so many new pieces releasing this season that are perfect for the job. Cozy up in one of our staple sweatshirts, look polished in a comfy triblend polo or layer our new rib cardigan over a triblend ringer tee. 


This year, we’re adding a White Crew Sweatshirt, Olive Sweatshirt, Ladies Rib Tank, Ladies Rib Cardigan and Unisex Longsleeve Hooded Tee. Stay tuned for future emails to learn when they come in stock. No matter what GOEX pieces you pair together, we know they will make you feel good AND do good for the makers too! 



Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn more about what graphics and fonts will be on trend.

Make your own trends.

Whether you’re designing a t-shirt or fleece, we hope these Fall 2020 design trends give you some inspiration. Choose from our many styles, colors and fits to make the perfect garment — something you can feel proud to wear. Browse our Digital Catalog today!


A Quick Update | Navigating Coronavirus in Haiti


A quick update from Ariane, General Manager at LIFE, will fill you in on what’s been happening since opening our doors back up in Haiti:


Greetings from Haiti! It’s been just about one month since we re-opened our doors here at Life. Since then, we have successfully been able to transition back into our work flow while maintaining a clean and organized environment. Our daily routines have been adjusted to make sure we are doing everything in our power to keep each other safe, which is our number one priority amidst COVID-19. My hope is that the safety precautions our team takes while at work they are able to bring home with them.


Haiti is still under a “state of health emergency,” but there is talk of the airport reopening within the next month to come. We are currently at 4,500 confirmed cases that increase at a rate of approximately 150 per day. There has been a gradual resumption of activity country wide. Most if not all businesses have re-opened under limited hours and continual sanitation requirements before entering. As for the apparel sector, the Haitian government has mandated a 30% cap of the workforce at all times until stated otherwise. For the past month we have rotated our employees in and out giving everyone a chance to earn. It is not an ideal situation by any means, but I am grateful that our team is able to be flexible and understanding.