5 New Year’s Resolutions We’re Making in 2021

5 New Year’s Resolutions We’re Making in 2021

‘Tis the season for new year’s resolutions, and we’re making a few of our own at GOEX. Read below for our top 5 resolutions we’re making in 2021. We hope these inspire you to make some positive changes and make 2021 your year!


1.  Connect our clients and makers in new ways.

We know our customers care deeply for the hands that make their clothes. We want all of you to feel invested in the difference you’re making in their lives. So, in 2021 look for more specific stories and for ongoing impact data on our employees and their families. We’ll also provide more opportunities for you to come alongside us in investing in programming. Hopefully, we’ll even be able to take some of you to Haiti with us in the second half of the year.  We hope you’re excited to learn more over the coming months!


2.  Continue to grow sustainability efforts.

In 2020, we introduced buttons, labels, drawcords, twill tape and packaging made from recycled plastic. We also introduced a line of garments created from remnant fabric diverting waste from landfills – our ladies rib tee, rib tank and rib cardigan are all created from scrap fabric! In 2021, we’ll add zippers to the assortment of components using recycled plastics. We will also continue to expand our assortment of garments made of eco-triblend fabric diverting more plastic from landfills. And we’ll begin reusing boxes that originate in Haiti – look for a sticker indicating your box is on its second journey!


3.  Sell more tees, create more jobs.

Ultimately our goal is to educate more consumers about ethical shopping choices resulting in more tee sales and more fair wage jobs in Haiti and the US. In 2020, we hired two additional full-time sales managers who are ready to serve our growing client base. Thank you to everyone who is already part of the GOEX family! We hope you’ll share our story in the new year and help spread the word about our super comfy, fair trade apparel. We can’t do this without you!!


4.  Practice hospitality.

We are SO excited about the store space we opened this fall and can’t wait to host you for a visit! Would you like to have a private shopping or printing event? Looking for a space for another event? As we begin to come out of the pandemic in the spring or summer, we would love to host you and your friends or colleagues!


5.  Be grateful!

Through the challenges of 2020, we have SO much to be thankful for!  We’ve made incredible new friends, continued to support our employees and introduced new products and initiatives that put us in a great place going into 2021. We are incredibly grateful for all of you for supporting us throughout 2020. Cheers to the new year!


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