Innovate. Create. Print.

Innovate. Create. Print.

Wondering what’s new at GOEX and what staples you should be filling your closet with this spring? Our development team analyzed color trends, created new silhouettes and perfected our garment assortment. We are continuing our discussion of innovation, creativity, and how to express it. This season is all about embracing the new, being bold, and inventive.  

Here’s what our experts had to say about this season’s graphic trends:

“My favorite spring graphic trend is the unique placements trend. I’ve seen a lot of really cool placements that feel fresh and can be applied across a variety of graphics. I really want to find a cute text graphic that follows the neckline of a shirt.”

-Meghann Wheelock, Product Manager and Design Expert

 “My favorite spring trend is the tonal graphics. I think tonal graphics are a way to make a shirt creative yet still subtle enough that it could be worn every day. I am always on the hunt for graphic tees, but I like them to be subtle. On the other hand, I am also loving the bright lilac color that is popular right now. I would love to print more shirts with that ink color as well as find something for my personal wardrobe that is lilac!”

-Kenna Russell, Graphic Artist


Follow any one of the trends below and get inspiration for your next t-shirt or fleece design. 


Refine and Define Statements


Say it loud for the people in the back! Definitions straight out of Merriam-Webster and socially conscious statements allow you to be outspoken with a clearly, spelled-out message. Creating a simple t-shirt with a word, phrase, or design that expresses your mission and purpose can make an impact.


90’s vibes

90s Inspired Tee

Remember when MTV played music videos? Pay homage to one of the best decades with neon colors, vapor waves, geometric shapes. 


The Positive Side of Negative Space

Negative Space Tee

Many artists are moving their creations off Instagram and onto shirts! They select work that’s been a fan-favorite on social media and translate that into a printable apparel design.



Shine On

Shine On Graphic Hood

Gold, foil, glitter inks! Oh my! Life’s too precious to be muted. Shine one with a message that sparkles and uplifts.  


Color Outside The Lines

Color Outside The Lines Graphics

Nature is fluid and outstanding. Make your mark with a bold geometric and vibrantly colored print. 



86 The Grey Areas

 Black and White Graphic

Some statements don’t need grey areas. Better your standard with a classic design fearlessly reimagined. 


Think Outside The Box

Unique placement Graphic

Your message is unique. Brand it with unique placements. Think outside the box. 


Be Natural

Sun graphic

Nature is all around us and we do our best to give back. Give back to nature with nature design on an eco friendly tee.



Rainbow Graphic

Rainbows evoke joy, hope, and wonder, making them the perfect image for almost any type of apparel. Add text and choose your own color palette to make a unique design that anyone would be happy to wear.



Tiny text 

Tiny Text Graphic Tee

Sometimes, less is more. Create a minimally aesthetic t-shirt design featuring tiny text.


Retro typography

Retro Graphic Tee

Get groovy and throw it back to the 60’s and 70’s by designing a funky tee with retro fonts in psychedelic colors like lilac, yellows and pinks.


Chaotic and Handwritten Typography

Chaos Graphic

Anything can happen! Add a little fluidity to your look with warped design or twisted type. Hand-drawn letterforms can have a range of different moods, so it can be funky, retro, bold, or delicate. The flexibility you have when you draw your own lettering makes it a great choice for almost any t-shirt you’re designing. 




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