Fashion in the Pandemic Era

Fashion in the Pandemic Era

 Our own roaring 20’s

March of 2020 marked the dawn of a new era. A raging storm of uncertainty loomed over the world as we hunkered down at home. We prepared ourselves for two weeks of waiting but were met with a whirlwind of permanent change. We changed how we shopped and worked. The world adapted to the virtual world and learned to bake things from scratch. 


Throughout the whirlwind of adapting, we all began to ask ourselves all of those scary existential questions we avoided due to the hustle and bustle of our previous lives. Collectively we began to embark on the terrifyingly wonderful journey of self discovery. Our personal meaning was changing and so did what we wore. 



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Nevertheless, we adapt.

Comfort and leisure became the favored Friday night attire as stilettos and shapewear nestled in for a long winter's nap. Joggers, tees, and hoodies became our uniform on our quest to find tranquility in life’s simple pleasures. The pandemic provided us a unique opportunity to wear what we wanted in a judgement free space. Online quarantine fashion themed groups sprung up on social media providing us a platform to connect and to be inspired. We were home. We were comfortable but we yearned for pageantry again. We if what we wore really mattered anymore. 


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Does what we wear really matter?

As we safely ease back into the familiar we have solidified, yes, what we wear still matters. Fashion is a reflection of oneself. It is an expression of our individuality.  It is the first impression we give to ourselves and can impact our entire day. In the past, we stressed about how we presented ourselves to others. “Does this outfit make the right impression? Am I trendy?” We have grown beyond wearing what we think the world wants us to wear. We have learned to ask instead, “Does this outfit make me feel good?” 


You matter.

Your journey to the person you are now was a bumpy and inspiring ride. We at GOEX want to be there for you while you continue that wonderful path. We want to provide you with accessible, quality garments that you can look good in but more importantly feel good about wearing. Your fashion should reflect the strides you have made as an individual and celebrate your commitment to better. Every stitch is the creation of a fair wage job and a piece of plastic out of the ocean. Every silhouette is hope. Every color, a dream. Be true to yourself by living the lessons we learned in this turbulent era. You have the ability to change lives with an act as simple as putting on a t-shirt. Get dressed. Feel good. Do good. 



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