Give Yourself A Little TLC

Give Yourself A Little TLC

What we wear says a lot of our personalities. That’s quite a job for a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. After a long day, we all need a little TLC. Your clothes are an extension of you. Give yourself a little self care this year! Not only will you reap the benefits but these small changes can impact the world. Here are some best practices for caring for your sustainable fashions. 


A Good Cleansing

Wash your clothes in cold water. Heat tends to shrink, damage, and fade clothing plus it takes a toll on the environment. This goes the same for your dryer. Favor air drying your clothes if you can or using a cooler setting. 

You know to separate dark and lighter fabrics, but did you know to separate heavy and light materials too? Heavymaterial will literally fight your delicates in the washer and dryer. Give your lighter, airier fabrics a fighting chance. This will also reduce the capacity in your washer. Stuffing your washer can restrict cleansing. When there is enough space your clothes will have optimized washing/rinsing cycles. 


Consider how much detergent you are using. Less is more. The cleansing process is caused by motion, water, and soap. It’s a team effort and you don’t need to overwhelm the other team members with products. Try using 40-70% of the recommended dose depending on your fashions’ needs. 


How often are you washing your fashions? Probably too much. Absorbent clothes like undergarments and exercise clothes should definitely be washed after every use. Your jeans, hoodies, sweaters, and dresses on the other hand have the power to withstand multiple wears without soiling. Trust your eyes and nose. If there is odor or discoloration, in the bin. Otherwise, hang it or nestle it safe and sound in the drawer. 


On The Mend 

Small tears? Hemlines coming undone? Loose button? No problem. You don’t need to be an award winning seamstress or even own a sewing machine for a quick fix. There are several quick and easy tutorials online that can show you how to easily repair your garments without breaking the bank or your brain. You’d be surprised what you can do with a needle, thread, and a little patience. 


Also, make friends with your local alteration service or green dry cleaner. They can provide easy to more complex repairs and can help extend the life of your garments. Plus, you’ll be supporting local business! Don’t know where to go? Ask around. Your friends and neighbors are reliable sources but your local theater groups might have a wardrobe manager with a few suggestions. 


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