The Transparent GOEX Supply Chain

The Transparent GOEX Supply Chain

We take sourcing and creating seriously. We also believe in radical transparency. Read through to learn how GOEX is limiting our environmental impact and increasing our commitment to sustainability while caring for people throughout our supply chain.


Step 1: Responsible Sourcing

Our eco-triblend fabric is sourced right here in the U.S. – in South Carolina. Our eco-triblend tees are made of 50% Recycled Polyester, 37% Cotton and 13% Tencel - each tee contains about 5 water bottles worth of recycled plastic. By sourcing the fabric in the United States, we limit our carbon footprint and support jobs here at home - from cotton farming and processing to spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, all of our fabric purchases support at least five different US companies.  

Our eco-cotton ivory tees are made of 50% upcycled cotton (fabric scraps gathered, shredded and made into new yarn) and 50% organic cotton. No extra dyes or finishes, the color comes from the assortment of fabric scraps used.  The yarns used in this fabric are made in Spain and then knitted and finished in South Carolina.

All of our cotton is sourced in the US.  When given the option between sourcing conventional cotton in the states or importing organic cotton from overseas, we chose US cotton for a few reasons:

  • Cotton is a good which commonly uses forced labor in developing nations and it’s difficult to track where the actual fiber comes from.
  • US farmers have developed methods to reduce the use of both pesticides and water making much US grown cotton more eco-friendly even if not organic
  • Regulations in the US require farmers to use fair labor practices and decrease their effects on the environment
  • Getting cotton from the field to a t-shirt is at least a 7 step process with people involved throughout the supply chain. Because cotton is a commodity good, the only way to decrease the price of a finished good is to cut expenses throughout each step and the maker typically pays that price, especially in the developing world. We are a people first company so we choose the sourcing option most likely to provide for all of the people who touch our product.

Transition to 100% recycled polyester 

As of 2021, all of the polyester we purchase is made with Repreve recycled polyester. These garments are 100% recycled from the fabric to the labels and trims to the zippers and buttons. Another fun fact - we purchase our zippers from OceanWorks who makes a variety of items from ocean plastic!  

After fabric is processed into fiber, spun into yarn and knitted into fabric, it is shipped to Life S.A., our production facility in Port au Prince, Haiti, to be hand-sewn into your shirts. A typical t-shirt will travel 16,000 miles. Most of this shipping is done using bunker fuel, a heavy oil residue so toxic most countries won’t let ships use it within 200 miles of shore. Haiti, on the other hand, is a mere 500 miles from Miami and that’s as far as our fabric and shirts have to go – a significant reduction in shipping.

 Carolina Cotton Works

Step 2: Responsible Workplace Environment

Our first priority is our workers — they are the reason we exist. When major changes are necessary due to adjustments in government labor policies, we update our rules to comply and then meet with employees to educate them on those updates. Our urgent priority is to make sure we have engaged with all questions or concerns. Employees are invited to work on strategizing and implementing key business objects. This requires regular team meetings to get input on specific business needs or decisions, as well as overall strategic direction. Both in Haiti and in Kansas City, all employees are hired and retained based on skill regardless of race, sex, union affiliation, religion or any other factors.

For our producers at LIFE in Haiti, we regularly participate in audits or reviews of our workplace and policies. This is done through third party companies like BetterWorks Haiti and the Fair Trade Federation. At our print shop in Kansas City, we practice similar disciplines in working with our employees. We update policies annually and review with employees. We pay attention to industry standards and requirements for workplace safety for both warehousing and screenprinting.


Step 3: Responsible Fulfillment

GOEX Apparel Kansas City

Once the blank tees are sewn, checked and packed by our makers in Haiti, they come to our fulfillment warehouse in Kansas City to be printed and shipped to you. Our printshop is located in Kansas City’s urban core, creating fair wage jobs for Kansas City residents.  


Step 4: You get your new favorite shirt!

From South Carolina, to Haiti, to KC, to you – GOEX shirts represent more. You’ll live in your comfy tee and can feel good that you made a difference with your purchase.

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