It's Independent Retailer Month

It's Independent Retailer Month

July is Independent Retailer Month. Independent Retailer Month is a shop small event that runs annually throughout July. In order to highlight positive social and economic impacts, we encourage consumers to shop indie! 

According to the Census Bureau and Small Business Administration, independent retailers employ approximately 51 percent of the U.S. workforce, excluding non-farm workers. In addition, they often supply products and services normally not found in big box stores. 

Shop Indie

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How many times have you strolled by a brick-and-mortar store and wanted to stop in? Seize the opportunity this month!  Wanting to stay home? That’s totally cool. Many independent retailers, like us, have online stores that offer in store pick up or low cost shipping. Snuggle in, grab a cup of tea, and browse away. 


Feel good. Do good. 

Made your purchase? Happy post check out? That’s amazing! You can continue to support beyond your purchase. Here’s some ways to support small businesses after your purchase:


  • GET SOCIAL - Follow, react, comment, AND tag photos of their products/services. By actively engaging with small businesses on social media you are helping to metaphorically cast a wider net. A heart/care reaction paired with a well placed emoji can increase a small business’s reach from 1% to 4%. That’s a huge impact!


  • TELL EVERYONE - Word of mouth continues to be the greatest value when it comes to advertising. Do you absolutely love your new top or had a terrific time watching an old favorite at an art house theater? Tell everyone! Let your friends know. Publicly post reviews online. Tag businesses in your blog. Do you have friends looking for specific items or services? Be the one to let them know. Be vocal any way you can and advocate for your favorite small businesses!


  • SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE - If a business goes live on social media, tune in. If they’re hosting an event (virtual or safely in person) show up. Also, take the time to thank them! It’s way too easy to get caught up in “what if’s” and feelings of defeat. Sending a message on their social media or mailing a thank you card can brighten a small business owner’s world and can give them the boost they need to keep going.


Shopping small ensures that you’re getting quality products and phenomenal customer service. They contribute to a community’s culture by creating jobs, growing awareness, and lifting up neighborhoods. Doesn’t it make you feel good knowing that you’re helping your community grow? They work hard to fulfill their missions. They’re dreams are literally YOUR happiness so do your part to keep them open and thriving.



Encouraging consumers to shop local is good. What’s even better is empowering businesses to sell products that are ethically sourced. GOEX Apparel is dedicated to making fair trade products accessible to independent retailers. You have the ability to change lives through your purchase as an individual and as a business owner. Through a simple tee we can give purpose. 

 Feel good. Do good. 


Independent Retailer Month

When you go with GOEX, you're making an impact on the environment. PLUS you are helping to sustain dignified, fair wage jobs that help families stay together. It’s a quality that’s better for our planet, better for the maker, and better for you. You can be proud knowing that having a GOEX tee in every pop of color makes a great impact. Thank you for shopping small and giving your purchase purpose. 


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