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      Royally Fair Trade

      Royally Fair Trade


      'Tis the season for fair trade and who is fairer than a princess? We recently got to spend a day with the fabulous friends of This Princess Life

      About This Princess Life

      Serving safe and magical events in the Kansas City Metro Area, This Princess Life offers celebrations engulfed in fantasy and wonder. Their services include storytimes and sing-a-longs, fairy makeovers, personalized video messages, and more. This Princess Life is where memories of your celebration become happily-ever-after. 


      The Fairest Of Them All

      Behind every princess is the drive for a better life, ambition, fearlessness, and compassion. Sound familiar? These same attributes motivate the fair trade movement. Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Very much like the princesses we grew up with, fair trade advocates are, “sick of swimming..ready to stand.” 

      Your Inner Fair Trade Princess



      Cinderella is the queen of upcycling which is why she is looking absolutely grand in our white eco-triblend cardigan layered with a light blue eco-triblend tank. The rib cardigan is sewn from rib remnants leftover from making our standard triblend tees. It also contains recycled water bottles and diverts waste from landfills.


      Royally Fair Trade

      Tiana values the power of dignified work. Showcasing our grass green eco-triblend ladies tee, Tiana not only looks amazing but she’s helping to sustain dignified, fair wage jobs that help families stay together.


      Royally Fair Trade

      Ariel advocates for seizing opportunities. As a fair trade advocate, Ariel wants her teal eco-triblend tee to help keep her oceans clean and healthy, making a positive impact on the planet AND create social and economic opportunities through trading partnerships with marginalized producers. 


      Royally Fair Trade

      A strong, free thinker needs a tee to match. Belle is ready to spend the day celebrating the cultural diversity of communities, while seeking to create positive and equitable change in her marigold premium cotton tee. After, she’ll relax the evening away curled up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. 


      Royally Fair Trade

      There’s nothing sleepy about this look. Invoking gentility and grace, our Sleeping Beauty shines in our berry eco-triblend flowy tee layered with a rose eco-triblend tank. This super-soft, eco-friendly look feels great from waking from a 100 year nap to celebrating sweet 16. (Spindle and spinning wheel not included.)


      Royally Fair Trade

      The fairest of them all, Snow White knows the meaning of true beauty. Featuring a cropped hem and a bold color, this red crop cotton tee looks great with high waisted slacks for a look so bright you’ll be singing to woodland creatures. Just be mindful of strangers with apples.. 


      Squad Goals

      Our mission is clear- we are royally fair trade. We exist to make you feel good as we do good. Together, we work towards a healitier world and we couldn't ask for a better squad. 


      Local Princess Parties


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      We strive to be bold with our words and represent the ideals we believe. If you like what we stand for, we want to share more! Stay in the loop by signing up to receive our newsletters and following us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


      Fair Trade 101

      Fair Trade 101

      You wake up in the morning and pour yourself a cup of coffee. After shaking off the sleepiness, you put on your outfit for the day, grab a snack to go, and head out to conquer the day. During your morning routine, do you ever think about the work that went into the elements of your daily life? Do you think about the farmers or the roasters of your coffee? The hands that assembled your shirt, packed it into a box, and sent it on it’s journey to you? Most of us buy thousands of items every year without a thought about the conditions they were made, the people that those products affect, and how it impacts the environment. 

      Would you feel good about using exploitative goods? Of course not! However, we have sustained a way of life where it’s easy to add an item to your cart with little or no consideration for how it came to fruition. An appealing product that was affordable may be enough to secure a sale but what impact does it have on the quality of life of those who make it and on the planet?    

      Fair Trade Tees

      In the last 20 years, ethically made products have become much more accessible. With the rise of the internet, fair trade has grown from a tick on a to-do list to a full on worldwide movement. From red carpet walkers to mindful local bloggers, people are ready to remove their blinders and start making purchases with purchase. But what exactly is fair trade?

      What is Fair Trade? 

      Fair Trade Federation Principles


      Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Fair trade enterprises incorporate nine principles into their daily operations. They are:

      Create opportunities

      Creating opportunities means an organization is dedicated to poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Interests of the makers and the communities are the supreme concern. 

      Develop transparent and accountable relationships

      Transparency is the backbone of a fair trade organization. Cultivating consistent, respectful, open, and fair relationships for both customers and producers is vital. 

      Build capacity

      Building capacity means proactive communication, financial and technical assistance, market information, and dialogue to develop makers’ independence. A maker’s skills and capacity are nurtured and empowered as well as their access to markets. 

      Promote Fair Trade

      (Hey! We’re doing that now!) Fair trade organizations actively raise awareness about greater justice in the global economic system. They do so not only to their makers but to the world 

      Pay promptly and fairly

      This is exactly how it sounds. Pay promptly and pay fairly. As we have stated earlier, makers are living breathing human beings. They deserve dignified work and to be liberated from poverty.

      Support safe and empowering working conditions

      All work environments are free from forced labor. Workplaces are places of empowerment, not oppression. There is no space for abuse, harassment, or turmoil of any kind. 

      Ensure the rights of children

      There will be no child labor in the production of fair trade goods. Children have the right to security, education, and play. Fair trade organizations ensure those rights. Any involvement of children in the production of Fair Trade products (including learning a traditional art or craft) is always disclosed and monitored and does not adversely affect the children's well-being, security, educational requirements and need for play. 

      Cultivate environmental stewardship

      Our generations have the ability to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Fair trade organizations reduce, reclaim, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. Be excellent to each other and to the planet.

      Respect cultural identity 

      Cultural diversity is celebrated, not appropriated. Fair trade organizations respect the traditions and techniques of makers and create positive equitable change. Marker needs are balanced with the cultural heritage of the maker. 

      Knowing Your Purchase

      On your journey to purchase purposefully it’s important to identify the differences between for a cause, fair trade products, and fair trade organizations/businesses. Let’s look at the differences: 

      For A Cause

      With the increasing number of companies whose products include a donation to any number of causes, it’s easy to classify them all as ethical or even fair trade. Usually these are products that are tied to a donation for a particular movement or issue. Too many “for cause” businesses negotiate lower costs for their products so they can afford to give back. That low cost of goods adversely affects the makers. In the same way that consumers are upset because companies pass higher tariffs onto them, manufacturers can only offer lower costs by keeping workers’ wages low or using lower quality, or questionably sourced raw materials. In short, if it’s not made with fair trade standards it’s not a fair trade product. 

      Fair Trade Products

      A fair trade product is exactly that. It is a single product that meets the standards of fair trade. It’s made ethically with the maker and the planet in mind and that specific product has been verified by a 3rd party.  However, creating a few or a line of fair trade products does not mean that the entire company can carry this label.  Some of the products an organization offers may meet these standards but they have not gone through the verification process as a business or organization. 

      Learn more about the World Fair Trade Organization’s product label and WFTO Guarantee status here

      Fair Trade

      Companies that are fully committed to fair trade and have undergone the verification process from a third party organization can call themselves a fair trade enterprise. These companies don’t just buy and sell a few fair trade products, they live by the fair trade standards and encourage others to do the same. 

      In short? Feel good. Do Good.  

      Fair Trade Federation Verified


      Being a fair trade enterprise is a continued, conscious effort that requires constant introspection and full transparency. This journey is not only important for the makers and the planet. The consumer has a big part to play too. You can change lives through a simple purchase decision. Perhaps most importantly, your partnership sets an example in the marketplace that ethical commerce can affect systemic bottom-up change through the dignity of work. They say, “it takes a village.” We at GOEX Apparel say it takes the world. It’s a big dream but with everyone contributing, big dreams can come true.

      Hello from Life SA, in Haiti!

      Hello from Life SA, in Haiti!


      The beginning of fall has brought lots of new opportunities for us here at Life.

      As production is ramping up due to high demand, we found ourselves having to bring in new team members. This is great news for us, because providing sustainable jobs is one of our biggest goals. We are slowly but surely ramping up to where we want to be and it feels great.


      Fleece fabric on the cutting table.


      Life is good. 

      You can just tell by the ambiance of the factory that there has been a shift. Machines are louder, everyone is focused, and there are a lot of new fabric colors in the building! Our hope is to keep our team busy and motivated. Looking forward to what the end of the year has in store for us.


      Port-au-Prince, Haiti



      Follow The Story

      Follow the story

      We strive to be bold with our words and represent the ideals we believe. If you like what we stand for, we want to share more! Stay in the loop by signing up to receive our newsletters and following us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

      It's Fair Trade Month

      It's Fair Trade Month

      October is Fair Trade Month which means it’s time to take a moment to think about what we’re buying, where it comes from and how it can affect the world around us. Read on to learn how when you purchase a GOEX tee, you are choosing a better shirt for a better world. 

      Over two billion t-shirts are sold around the world each year. Whether it be for a sporting team, event or just for fun, we buy new t-shirts all the time, often without considering how they’re affecting the environment. After water usage, pesticide treatments and thousands of miles of travel, the apparel industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters.

      This is exactly the problem that companies like GOEX seek to solve. We are proud to be an ethical company and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. In addition to creating fair wage jobs, providing safe working conditions and helping to break the orphan cycle, our clothing has many environmental benefits as well.


      Saves Sea Life

      In the production of typical apparel, many fabrics will be transported thousands of miles by ship, leaving oil residue in the ocean. This toxic oil kills sea life and leaves many entire habitats ruined. Because our fabrics are sourced right here in the US, shipped only 1,200 miles to Haiti to be sewn into shirts and shipped back to the U.S. for sale, we greatly reduce the amount of pollution in our production process.


      Made from Recycled Material   

      Not only are our fabrics made from U.S. grown cotton, but our triblends also contain recycled polyester. Each eco-triblend tee contains the equivalent of five recycled water bottles. Tags, buttons, zippers and drawcords are all made from recycled plastics as well.  Every time you wear one of our t-shirts,  you can feel good about it!


      Reduces Future Waste 

      With the growing trend of fast fashion, clothing is cheaply made and quickly ripped or thrown away. In fact, over fifteen million tons of used textiles are thrown away each year. GOEX shirts, however, are made from better high-quality fabrics, making them last much longer. Plus, because they’re t-shirts, they never go out of style! By producing well-made, long-lasting clothing, we seek to minimize apparel waste.

      Each of these things are important to GOEX and part of the reason we choose to make our clothing ethically. Each of our two billion annual t-shirt purchases have an effect on the environment and people around the world, so let’s make it a positive one!



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      We’d love to get you started with a better basic tee today! Choose from our many styles, colors, and fits to make the perfect garment for your next group event — something you can feel proud to wear. Browse our Digital Catalog today!

      The Importance of Brick and Mortar

      The Importance of Brick and Mortar

      “Don’t be afraid. There are exquisite things in store for you. This is merely the beginning.” - Oscar Wilde


      We know Oscar was talking in a more existential “Keep going. You’re awesome,” manner. But let’s talk about the phrase “in store” - the brick and mortar store that is. 

      Recently, GOEX Apparel celebrated the Grand Re-Opening of it’s retail space in KC. The space opened August of 2020 but due to the pandemic it didn’t get the grand welcome that it deserved. This year, we celebrated. We had refreshments, a live screenprinting demonstration, community members, raffles, and more. Despite the challenges of the previous year our local community did not disappoint when it came to support and enthusiasm. 


      The Importance of Brick and Mortar

      The online shopping experience has really come a long way. You can find anything online. From kitchenware to custom tees, the potential of a person’s wish lists is endless. Online shopping makes obtaining goods more accessible, convenient, and provides a private shopping experience.  For years, the data has shown that the future is online. However, brick and mortar stores have survived numerous bouts of uncertainty proving that they are here to stay.

      Despite the data, the fact remains that the magic of the brick and mortar experience simply can not be matched. Here’s why: 


      The ad you saw on social media indicated that our tees were super soft. Do you believe it? It may seem obvious but so much anxiety is eliminated by being able to see and feel a product before you buy. No shipping back and forth. No measuring twice. It’s right there. (Real talk: Our shirts ARE indeed super soft. You can absolutely take our word for it. Just check out the reviews.)


      Brick and mortar stores are the inventors of customer service. From sales to product demonstrations, shopkeepers have been the innovators when it comes to knowing what the customer wants before they enter the store. In addition to tailored service, brick and mortar stores cultivate community. Money earned from a brick and mortar store goes back into the local economy benefiting all. A brick and mortar store practically defines what it means to be a community. 


      (Speaking of community.) Human beings thrive in strong, compassionate communities. In this atmosphere, dreams come true. For example, an entrepreneur opens a shop. The shop gains notoriety and causes the owner to hire more staff. Eventually that leads to a 2nd location. (Read more about our partner Pink Dinosaur opening their second location HERE.) You may think that your small purchase didn’t mean much but it did. It helped to sustain jobs from manufacturing to the shop floor. It helped validate an entrepreneur’s business decision. Your support of a brick and mortar store makes dreams come true.  


      GOEX Apparel Store

      Where’s GOEX?

      You can find GOEX all over. We are coast to coast and even in parts of Canada! Here’s some of the brick and mortar stores that sell GOEX goods: 

      Greenville University


      Lubanzi Wines

      The Mercantile of Scottsdale

      Mercy House Global Market

      National WWI Museum

      New Creation

      Pink Dinosaur

      Rockford Art Deli

      Ten Thousands Villages

      Zee Bee Market


      GOEX Tees


      Want GOEX Tees in your store?

      Need something better for your brick and mortar store? Whether you need 24 tees or 24,000 tees, GOEX is here to provide you with retail-quality, fair trade garments with the highest quality screenprinted graphics. Love our social mission but have your own screen printer or even print yourself? No problem! You can purchase our blank tees at wholesale prices in bulk too!