GOEX Spring Trend Is Here!

GOEX Spring Trend Is Here!

You all regularly ask us how we decide to introduce new colors and how we decide which colors and styles to stock.  We would love to tell you that we had this all dialed into a science but that’s really not the case.  There’s a lot of reviewing what’s happening in fashion combined with listening to our clients and analyzing what sold or didn’t sell the year before.  And we’d be lying if we said sports teams in key markets didn’t have a bit to do with it! 😊

 Sales data and your feedback both definitely matter!  You, our customers, vote with your purchases and your comments.  Our sales team regularly reports on what you’re asking for.  When the requests start to pile up, we look very seriously at a color, especially if it’s an obvious hole in our collection.  Over the past few years we expanded a lot in earth tones and pastels based on feedback from our customers.  We were strong in jewel tones and neutrals but lacked these other two categories.  So we brought you olive, amber, mustard, sage, rose and lavender.  All of these colors have done really well and helped round out our color palette. 

 National fashion trends also matter!  Some colors are good in certain markets but not necessarily nationwide.  Classic purple for example – it’s a great color if you’re a K-State fan but overall in fashion it’s not a popular color.  So we stock versions that are easier to wear (like berry & lavender) and keep classic purple ink on hand which looks great on heather grey or vintage white.  National trends have brought you colors like neon pink (Barbie-core anyone) and wine.  Both of those colors have been all over fashion the last couple of years.

 As we look at the new colors and styles for 2023, you see style very much influenced by the trends toward neutrals and work wear.  You’ll continue to see henleys and boots paired with denim and trucker hats.  Speaking into this trend, we’re bringing you a heavier weight eco-cotton in black and ivory.  This is not for all of you who love the feel of our triblend.  But for those who love a rougher, heavier weight tee, you’re going to love these!  And they’re super eco-friendly with upcycled and recycled content.  Speaking of the workwear trend, we’re also adding camel fleece to the line this year!  Our best-selling unisex premium fleece hood is coming in a warm camel shade you’ll want to live in!

 Comfort remains key at GOEX as always!  So our super soft bi-blend fleece will also a get a new color this year – teal!  If you didn’t already know, we have an awesome NWSL team in Kansas City, the KC Current.  They made an incredible playoff run last year and are building the first stadium in the country specifically built for a professional women’s soccer team – how cool is that?  You already love our teal triblend so this seemed like a great year to add fleece.  Both will be a new shade, slightly lighter than our current teal.  It pairs really well with red as a recent Vogue cover highlighted!

 One of our 2023 Resolutions is to the listen well.  New product and color is one area where we hope you can see that we’ve been listening but we want to hear more!  Keep sending us those notes telling us what you love and what you’d like to see.  No promises but the more feedback we receive, the better job we can do of getting you the products and colors you want!  Email, call, ping us on social media or check in with your sales rep.  We love hearing from you!  Let us know what you think about spring trend!


JESSICA RAYExecutive Director