No Waste November: The Art of Giving Sustainability

No Waste November: The Art of Giving Sustainability

One of our goals for 2021 is to Continue to Grow Sustainability Efforts. This November, we are reflecting on our commitment to reducing waste. Our staff will be participating all month long in weekly challenges so that we can incorporate the cultivation of environmental stewardship (Fair Trade Federation Principle #8) into our daily lives. This week we’re focused on gifting well so that your gifts last for years to come.

A gift is a physical token memorializing a moment, experience, or feeling. How do we sustainably express our gratitude and care to our loved ones this holiday season? Here’s some things to consider when shopping for gifts this holiday season.


Don’t Be Afraid To Give A Piece of Yourself 

Holiday Gift Idea 

Make it personal. The moments you have shared with this person are definitely worth celebrating. Inside jokes, little moments, shared milestones, trips together, these memories are gifts waiting to be wrapped. Creating a time capsule in a keepsake box or tote can really make a person feel cherished. 


Know Your Person

Stylishly Shelby
Pay attention to the other person’s aesthetics. Their social media must be full with things they like. They might even have a wishlist posted somewhere. Are they a fair trade fashion enthusiast but you don’t know their size? Easy! You don’t have to be awkward to obtain information but you might have to be sneaky. Ask mutual friends if they know or ask someone of similar stature what their size is. Most people will be happy to help you out but when in doubt, go for something cozy. Something relaxing like a hoodie or fleece crew can be versatile and offer an easy fit that can give you flexibility in terms of sizing.


Be Open


If all seems lost, be open. Ask your person, “Hey I would really love to give you something like ____ for the holiday season. Would that be something you would enjoy?” You don’t have to be super specific but communication will ensure the what you get will be enjoyed for a long time. Remember, open and honest friendships are a gift all in itself. 


No Waste November

Do you know someone who likes super soft clothes that make you feel good AND makes a positive impact? We’ve got you covered. Shop GOEX Apparel through the month of November and save 20% on all rib garments. That’s right! Every garment crafted from remnant fabric that would otherwise be tossed aside, is on sale. Shopping triblend? Our triblend rib garments actually divert waste from landfills twice – first the plastic bottles used in the fabric and then the rib fabric again when we use the remnants. No waste November. No waste ever. 


GOEX Holiday Gift Guide 

Need inspiration on your quest for gifts with impact? Check out our GOEX holiday gift guide here:

GOEX Holiday Gift Guide