No Waste November: Your Unique Closet

No Waste November:  Your Unique Closet

One of our goals for 2021 is to Continue to Grow Sustainability Efforts. So far we’ve introduced buttons, labels, drawcords, twill tape and packaging made from recycled plastic. We have also introduced a line of garments created from remnant fabric diverting waste from landfills – our ladies rib tee, rib tank and rib cardigan are all created from scrap fabric. We added zippers to the assortment of components using recycled plastics. We will also continue to expand our assortment of garments made of eco-triblend fabric diverting more plastic from landfills. Plus, we are reusing boxes that originate in Haiti.

This November, we are reflecting on our commitment to reducing waste. We will be highlighting sustainability all month long so that we can further instill the cultivation of environmental stewardship (Fair Trade Federation Principle #8) into our daily lives. 

This week is all about loving what's in our closet. As you can imagine, we at GOEX Apparel staff love our eco-friendly garments as much as you do. Some days we’ll come to the office and find we’re all wearing the same garments. Sometimes in the same color! 

The beautiful thing about working at GOEX Apparel is that although we all appreciate the same feel good/do good garments, we all have very unique individual styles. Here's how our staff like to style our ladies eco-triblend drop hem v-neck pocket tee

Styled Three Ways

Executive Director, Jessica Ray 
Executive Director, Jessica Ray compliments the curvature of our charcoal eco-triblend drop hem v-neck pocket tee with a sharp blazer from her closet. 
Reginal Sales Manager, Jen Parlin

Sales Manager - Western Region, Jen Parlin brings a pop of color with a light wash denim jacket and multicolor fair trade beads. 


Market Advocate, Amber Solomon
Market Advocate, Amber Solomon says her wardrobe is best described as," fun for me." She like her charcoal drop hem to be bold via our Woman up Ladies Eco-Triblend Drop Hem Tee.


Make Every Purchase Count

Your personality oozes into your style and we empower you to try new things. No Waste November doesn’t necessarily mean, “Absolutely no purchases.” It means make your purchases count. If you see something that makes you feel good (and makes the world better) then by all means make it happen - just don’t forget about the fabulous potential already in your closet. 

Explore and experiment with color, placement, and style. Mixing your basic staples with innovative and outspoken patterns can inspire a cardigan or dapper a fleece crew

Need something?

Shopped your closet and STILL not finding what you’re looking for? We’ve got you covered. Shop GOEX Apparel through the month of November and save 20% on all rib garments. That’s right! Every garment crafted from remnant fabric that would otherwise be tossed aside, is on sale. Shopping triblend? Our triblend rib garments actually divert waste from landfills twice – first the plastic bottles used in the fabric and then the rib fabric again when we use the remnants. No waste November. No waste ever. 


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