Strong Ethical Voices

Strong Ethical Voices


We take pride in bringing you the latest insight into the worlds of sustainability and ethical fashion. There are so many outspoken, vibrant voices out there that truly resonate with us. Social media is a wonderful platform to learn, grow, and offer support. Here’s a few of our favorite voices to follow: 

Ms Paula Presents 

Ms Paula is a NYC mom of two with a deep commitment to fostering sustainable fashion encompassing vintage and thrift practices. She uses her channels to add voice to the pursuit of a transformation towards conscious consumption in fashion. She hopes to inspire more people to consider sustainable fashion choices and a sustainable lifestyle by providing accessible information. Her journey began with home products and has since evolved into a desire to seek, learn, and share. Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Instagram for style tips, inspiration, and knowledge.


Ms Paula Presents

Links: Website| Instagram

Manpreet Kaur Kalra 

Manpreet Kaur Kalra (she/her) is a social impact advisor, anti-racism educator, brand marketer, and activist working to decolonize ethical storytelling. She navigates the intersection of impact communication and sustainable global development. She collaborates with businesses to address inclusion in all aspects, from business development to marketing strategy. Her activism focuses on the interconnectivity of economic, social, and climate justice. She educates using a variety of mediums, including the Art of Citizenry Podcast, where she shares her nuanced and unfiltered insights on building a more just and equitable future. Her work unpacks history and addresses systemic power structures. She is a founding member of the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Fair Trade Federation and sits on the board of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition.

Manpreet Kaur Kalra (she/her)


Links: Website| Podcast | Instagram| Twitter


Garik Himebaugh is the founder of Eco-Stylist, the go-to marketplace for stylish and sustainable clothes. He got hooked on sustainable fashion after a chance meeting with the founder of an ethical brand, which then led him down a path of countless hours of research into how un-sustainable the fashion industry is. Garik emerged from all this research with a simple question: “can I put together stylish outfits with only sustainable brands?”


Garik Himebaugh, the founder of Eco-Stylist

Once he knew that he could, he wanted to help others dress like they give a damn—and Eco-Stylist (@yourecostylist) was born! Along this journey, Garik partnered with non-profit Remake to utilize their sustainable brand criteria to power Eco-Stylist’s brand research. He is excited to leverage this criteria in order to start conversations around what “sustainable” means, and as a vehicle to move brands towards greater and greater transparency.

“I wear my values by supporting brands that are creating the future I want to live in: a world where all people are respected as if they were family, and all of the planet is regarded as if it were in our own backyard. At Eco-Stylist we help you do the same.”

Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Personal Styling

The Honest Consumer 

Meet Emily -  an anxious creative advocating for fair fashion, social impact, mental health awareness, & conscious living. The Honest Consumer shares the stories of social enterprises, advocates for fair fashion, spreads the word about ethically made products, and empowers consumers. In response to the blog's growth, Emily launched Give A Damn Goods in 2018. Give a Damn Goods focuses on affordable goods that make a difference, while encouraging consumers to shop their values.


Emily, The Honest Consumer

Stay up to date on ethical fashion & conscious consumerism tips & tricks be sure to follow The Honest Consumer on social media.

Links: Website | Instagram 

The world of ethical, sustainable fashion is predicted to experience exponential growth through 2030. This is due to awareness and a desire for meaningful connections in our everyday lives. Manpreet, Emily, Paula, and Garik have worked tirelessly to influence the world towards a healthier world and we can’t thank them enough for their work. 

Who are some of your favorite ethical voices to follow?

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